Lead Tower Climber

at Storke, LLC (view profile)
Location Springwater
Date Posted July 16, 2021
Category Tower Climber
Job Type Full-Time
Base Salary Starting at $22/hr
Local Hires Only? No, Anyone Can Apply
Street Address 7705 north main street,


Full Job Description

As a Tower Lead (Top Hand), one will have a complete understanding of the wireless industry. 90% of the time will be spent onsite climbing wind towers. One will fully grasp all aspects of the initial training of the Associate Tower Technician and the Tower Technician. The Tower Lead will assist the Tower Foreman in developing and planning complete site build (as it pertains to the SOW at hand). One will share ultimate responsibility for quality of SOW deliverable. The Tower Lead will assist the Tower Foreman in identifying change orders, obstacles and safety concerns that may impede SOW timeline. One will possess leadership skills to direct all top side activities. The Lead will support the Foreman when on the ground. One will have a solid understanding of color coding, weatherproofing, grounding, equipment installations, etc. (as it pertains to the SOW at hand) and understand all components of the COP process.


  • Follow all state and federal safety regulations (OSHA, local turfing vendor, Tower Co., etc.) while working in an efficient and productive manner.
  • Required to work at heights installing wind turbine equipment/materials on towers, monopoles.
  • Interprets various documents (e.g. blueprints, diagrams, manufacturer specifications, etc.) to ensure proper installation of wind systems using technical expertise and knowledge of blueprints and diagrams.
  • Travel within the state of New York, Pennsylvania, Long Island, Rhode Island and much of the North East will be required.

Successful Completion of Required Award Winning Paid SAC Training:

  • Tower/Rescue
  • First Aid/BBP and CPR
  • PPE use and requirements
  • Lock out Tag out
  • SACW onboard/protocols
  • Rigging
  • GHS (formally MSDS)
  • Special equipment (aerial lift, forklift, backhoe, capstan, etc.)
  • OSHA Training


  • Experience with capstan operations
  • Experience with crane/signaling
  • Experience with steel work (hanging boom, antennas, etc.)
  • Experience with shooting an azimuth
  • Knowledge of all testing equipment (load hopping) and basic functions of the equipment
  • Higher understanding of multiple pulley operations
  • Knowledge of quality and safety procedures
  • Experience with clearly capturing photo images
  • Advanced understanding of rigging
  • Connector install experience
  • System testing (load hopping) – PIM, ANRITSU Fiber, etc. experience
  • Coax and Fiber routing/handling experience
  • Top side and bottom side grounding experience
  • Cad welding experience
  • General working skills and knowledge of computers
  • Ability to coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Accurately complete detailed forms and reports
  • Physically able to climb 1000 vertical feet per day
  • Ability to perform Tower Rescues
  • Ability to lift 50lbs repeatedly
  • Must be open to possible travel - up to 3 weeks if traveling


  • Onsite at job locations.
  • Potential exposure to outdoor elements.