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Location Plano
Date Posted July 12, 2022
Category Tower Foreman
Job Type Full-Time
Base Salary $275
Local Hires Only? No, Anyone Can Apply
Street Address 3301 Technology Dr, 205



A telecom tower crew foreman is somebody responsible for the safety of personnel working on telecom towers. The job of the foreman is to ensure that operatives carry out work in accordance with both company and legal standards.

IT and telecom firms need telecom tower crew foremen to supervise work on telecom towers, conduct site audits, and help crews upgrade existing hardware. Some foremen are also responsible for organizing the hours of work and estimating job costs.

Responsibilities of a Telecom Tower Crew Foreman

Telecom tower crew foreman have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Inspecting work performed by telecom crews
  • Ensuring that work on telecom towers conforms to company and legal health and safety requirements
    Ensuring that team members perform work at height in a safe and effective manner
  • Reporting possible health and safety hazards
  • Following instructions and complete projects in accordance with methods of procedures
  • Tracking the progress of work using checklists
  • Performing swaps of cellular and radio antenna, upgrade to fiber-optic cables, and increase site capacity

Qualifications & Skills of Telecom Tower Crew Foreman

Three and four years of tower climbing experience and previous experience of managing a team of two to five people working on a telecom tower.

As a telecom tower crew foreman must also have a range of other skills. These may include experience with colocation and civil wireless construction. General requirements include customer-facing expertise, ability to work independently, and ability to use power tools.

Must weigh less than 250 pounds, be able to lift loads above 40 pounds for six to eight hours per day and be able to climb tall structures while carrying upwards of 25 pounds.


  • A daily rate of $275 paid weekly.
  • Daily per diem of $40.00 (7 days of the week), this will cover all food and beverages for 1 day.
  • Hotel accommodations and transportation while active on market.
  • 6 week-rotation
  • $1000.00 Signing Bonus
  • $1000.00 Referral
  • Holidays Paid
  • Inhouse Trainings
  • Opportunities on Professional Development and Growing
  • 1 Week vacation and one week of Paid Time Off
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance reimbursement up to $1000 a month ($800.00/80% Employer Paid & $200.00/20% Employee Paid)
  • Laboral stability
  • Weekly payroll