Largest Tower Climbing Companies in the US

american tower companyWith so many companies to work for, there is a lot to think about when applying. Larger companies are more likely to have benefits and relocation potential. It can however, be harder to move up in a larger company.

Crown Castle-  In 1994, Crown Castle started with just over 100 tower in Southwest Texas. Today they own over 22,000 towers in the United States and 1,600 in Australia. They have been able to rise up through technological advancements and innovations. Their tower tenants include most of the major wireless carriers.

American Tower – Though the corporate office is in the United States, American Tower has almost 15,000 towers all over the world. The have locations in Peru, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Germany, India, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The have over 2,800 employees.

sba communicationsSBA Communications-  By striving to build better communications, as their motto says, they have reached nearly 15,000 towers. The specialize in vertical growth, utilizing rooftop towers, as well as, traditional towers. They are one of the preferred companies to work with for those in the wireless communication indusry.

United States Cellular Company- Headquartered in Chicago, IL, US Cellular is approaching the 5,000 mark as far as towers it operates. The have a strong customer centered motto that they live by. They have really begun to make a name for themselves within the last few years and expected to grow.

KGI Wireless– This company works hand-in-hand with Verizon Wireless, Time Warner, Mediacom Communications, and Charter Communications. All together it owns 18,000 towers in 7,000 cities. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

T-Mobile Towers- With one tower in China and many in Puerto Rico and across the United States, a total of just over 1000, T-Mobile Towers, associated with T-Mobile, provides service to 30 million customers. The company has won the J.D Power and Associates award multiple times.

Affiniti– Affiniti specializes in rural networking, bringing fast efficient communications to areas where it may otherwise be unavailable. Formerly Trillion Partners, they now have nearly 700 towers across the United States.

South Carolina Educational TV- As this name implies, this company reaches out to the educational needs of South Carolina with some 600 towers. Of these, eleven are strictly transmission towers. Those the area it serves may seem small, it is also close-knit and specialized.

Insite Towers– Serving exclusively the United States, Insite Towers has nearly 600 towers across the US, with the majority being in Texas and many more around the Southwestern and Southeastern US. Those who are involved in the operation of this company have been industry leaders for 20 years on average.

Union Pacific Railroad Company- More than just railroads, Union Pacific has been a part of connecting America since 1848. It has not remained in the past though, today Union Pacific operates more than 1,500 towers nationwide. Some of these towers are 500 feet while others are 40. Their towers are even maintained in the winter, reached via snow cats when necessary.

These are just some of the thousands of companies that have an outstanding reputation in their field. If a certain city, state or country calls to you, there is almost a guarantee that a company serves the area. There is always the option to apply with an up and coming company an be an insider as it grows or get in on the ground floor with an established company. In the end, the choice is yours.