·         Laid tile and stained concrete. Stamped, sealed, and floated concrete.

·         Have also worked with hardwood flooring.

·         I can multi-task at several different skills.

·         I am 3 years experienced on sit-down fork lifts.

·         AT&T Experience

·         Squid Building TN Market

·         Rig Preparation.

·         Ability to properly read blue prints.

·         Installation, maintenance and repair of Microwave & LTE. (4G)

·         Installation of all aspects of wireless cell site foundations, grounding and conduits, with electrical installations when needed.

·         Hands on experience with tower dismantle and installation on all cables including DC, Coax cable and Grounds.

·         Knowledge of installing all connectors.

·         Installation and alignment of antennas.

·         Knowledge of Alpha, Beta, Gama.

·         Ensuring highest level of safety and quality control requirements are upheld.

·         Installation of up-top equipment including masts, clamping, bracing, supports, antennas, RRUs, cabling, bolting, true up, shooting proper azimuth within tolerances, reading maps and a compass, torque to spec, labeling, picture-taking,

·         Documentation, plumb and tilt readings with smart level.

·         Experienced in welding and soldering.

Last Resume Update July 23, 2014
Address Castalian Springs, Tennessee
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