RETS Electronic Institute – (Louisville, KY) - Associate Degree Electronic Engineering
Alcatel-Lucent Certificate – 9500 MPR-A Operations & Maintenance
Certified in Ladder Safety

Direct Power, Inc. – Nashville, TN (6/2014-present)
Sr. Lead Technician

 Installed large scale Power Management Systems ( -48VDC and +24VDC)
 Installed battery backup.
 Installed LTE Cabinets.
 Installed routers on FIF rack.
 Meet expectations with regards to behavioral and administrative facets of the position.

Charter Communications – Cookeville, TN (1/2014-6/2014)
Field Auditor

 Perform routine maintenance on line taps on telephone poles and pedestals in neighborhoods and
 Develop proficiency with use of tools, equipment and procedures in the cable industry.

Ericsson Services – Nashville, TN (9/2012 – 8/2013)
Field Technician I

Develop proficiency in primary skills of customer relations, basic electricity, basic electronics, basic
telephony, and radio principles for Clearwire WiMax, to include basic principles of digital transmission, fiber
communication, data communication, telephony terminology, industry standards, and on-line network
control/maintenance systems.
 Perform routine maintenance on all radio interface equipment.
 Develop proficiency with use of relevant wireless tools and test equipment.
 Develop proficiency with inventory tools and procedures.
 Able to perform duties related to generator deployment and setup.
 Able to trouble shoot AC and DC power systems including tower light controllers.
 Provide service delivery and assurance of all radio interface network elements.
 Analyze symptoms for accurate isolation of customer and network problems.
 Meet expectations with regards to behavioral and administrative facets of the position.

Tony Sircy – Resume 1
Phoenix of Tennessee - Nashville, TN (8/2010 – 1/2012)
Field Technician

- Provided varying levels of technical support for AT&T’s site modifications and expansion projects within
the South Central and North East regions.
- Assisted with the removal of decommissioned telecommunications components and DC power systems.
- Provided technical expertise with the installation and maintenance of Emerson and Argus DC power
plants and backup battery rack systems.
- Installed Ericsson 3206B UMTS cabinets to include diplexers and RXAIT devices for indoor and outdoor
base station transceivers enclosures.
- Performed extensive T1 or DS1 expansion and testing for UMTS systems with AT&T commissioning
- Supervised contractors with new site construction, fabricated rack systems to support telecommunication
component installations, and installed additional cabling conduits for power and data lines.
- Installed and downloaded script for Lucent routers for AT&T.

Sonitrol Incorporated - Knoxville, TN (8/2006 to 2/2007)
Securities Technician

- Trained and managed employees and achieved significant progress in his productivity.
- Directed implementation of comprehensive security systems for protection of individuals, homes,
businesses, commercial and industrial organizations.
- Inspected premises to determine security needs.
- Studied physical conditions, observed activities and conferred with clients' staff to obtain data regarding
internal operations.
- Directed installation of electronic security systems, such as closed circuit surveillance, entry controls,
burglar alarms, ultrasonic motion detectors, electric eyes, and outdoor perimeter and microwave alarms.
- Directed installation and checked operation of electronic security equipment.

MJM Group - Franklin, TN (6/2005 to 6/2006)
Site Auditor/T-1 Tester

- Trained employees to audit equipment in cell compound.
- Tested T-1 circuits head to head at D-Mark of the NIU with switch engineers for acceptance.
- Stress test T-1’s to trouble shoot problem circuits utilizing multiple patterns on a T-Berd test set.
- Installed 25 pair direct burial cable from NIU to inside the shelter and terminated at 66 block and DSX
patch panel.
- Conducted site audits for Global Signal, and general Dynamics. Site walk downs consisted of reporting
equipment type, manufacturer, present pad layout and expansion potential, hard-line vender and size,
tower and footer conditions, antenna RAD centers for every vender to determine tower loading , access
road, compound gate and fence conditions, RF warning signs posted.
- Responsible for decommission of Ericsson 884 Macro RBS 1900 MHZ equipment.

Creative Alarms - Nashville, TN (7/2003-8/2004 & 1/1993-3/1996)
Lead Technician

- Responsible for training new technicians on installation standards.
- Design and install custom security, fire, and phone systems, utilizing “Skyroute” 1900MHZ PCS callout
- Program and install access controls, card systems and CCTV.

Tony Sircy – Resume 2
Nextel Partners - Huntington, WV (4/2001-1/2002)
Cell Site Technician

- Responsible for new site construction walk downs.
- Checking equipment layouts, cable routing and grounding installation to match construction blue
- Supervised general contractors, tower crews, electricians and equipment installation crews during the site
construction process, etc.
- Created punch list items and inspected corrected construction site issues.
- Maintained, trouble shoot, and repaired Motorola IDEN CDMA Generation 3 & 4 equipment.
- Completed monthly site PM’s and supported E-911 equipment.

Adtec, Inc. - Nashville, TN (1/1999-10/2000)
Installer/Customer Service Representative

- Install multi-media video information systems for hospitals and military.
- Install digital insertion equipment for all cable and network television, U.S. and international.
- Responsibilities included system diagnostics, repairing faulty components, resolving any customer issues,
training of customers to operate system and documenting all processes.

CBS/NDS Division - Nashville, TN (1/1998-12/1998)
Technical Maintenance Supervisor

- Maintenance of real-time high speed duplicating equipment.
- Responsibilities include monthly PM’s on all equipment, repairing faulty equipment, and tracking all
repairs for failure trends.

References: Available upon request

Tony Sircy – Resume 3

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