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Receive a position in the Networking field where my expertise in router protocols, server administration, and computer technical knowledge would be needed and able to grow

Summary of Qualifications

Graduate from DeVry Online as a Networking Systems Administration major with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science.

  • Familiar with modifying router settings
  • Experienced in creating networks and implementing various protocols
  • Proficient with Windows Server (2008)
  • Fair Router/OS troubleshooting skills


Applicable courses

Applicable Classes taken

  • Intro to Switching w/ Lab
  • Operating Systems-Windows w/ Lab
  • Operating Systems-Linux w/ Lba
  • Intro to Routing w/ Lab
  • Intro to Scripting w/ Lab
  • Intro to Networking w/ Lab
  • Principles Info Sys Security
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • PC Hardware and Software w/ Lab
  • Intro to WAN Tech w/ Lab
  • Voice/VoIP Admin w/ Lab

2.97 Cumulative GPA

Computer Skills

  • C++ (some knowledge of batch scripts and PowerShell)
  • MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint


  • Windows Operating Systems including XP, Vista, 7, and 8, and Server 2008
  • Linux OS experience



Activities and Interests

Researching, Technology, Science


Available upon request 


Last Resume Update May 31, 2014
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