Professional Experience:

American Tower Corporation, Atlanta, GA Present
Project Manager (Contractor)
Leads all lifecycle functions of the project initiatives including, but not limited to: project goals, schedules, budgets, deadlines, on-site project management and punch walks
Recruiting, monitoring and driving specialist and sub-contractor to ensure guidelines are meet and maintained
Initiate contact with customer, identify their needs, and provide them with appropriate service from the beginning to the end of a project
Maintain an accurate status on all site acquisition activities (including zoning and leasing) and communicating the status
Update necessary tracking system(s) to ensure that project and/or program status was maintained with complete accuracy

Maintain knowledge of the overall permitting, zoning and construction processes of the region.

Utilize project management tool to manage or track tasks through lifecycle of project
Coordinate all tasks related to budgeting, revenue, invoicing and purchase orders.  Provide data entry to support management ensuring accurate tracking of budget
Constantly monitor and provide report defining the progress, problems and solutions to all stakeholders

Ansco & Associates LLC, Clarkston, GA 2013
Documentation Project Coordinator
Maintained the flow of both electronic and hard-copied controlled documents, department files and resource materials
Responsible for managing company documents while also ensuring their accuracy, quality and integrity.
Received and processed requests for Information from employees or clients and maintain the requests via tracking logs
Maintained in house training programs including training matrix, training files, and annual audit of training files.
Timely distribution of latest revision level documentation to all appropriate users and ensure that obsolete documentation is removed from distribution.
Organized quality system including documents used to handle audits and corrective actions.

Crown Castle, Alpharetta, GA xxx-xxx-xxxx
Project Coordinator (Contractor)
Ensured coordination of the interfaces of all disciplines within the Property/Real Estate Group
Juggled a combination of responsibilities, including managing, scheduling and communication among team members, coordinating meeting materials, and assisting members with transportation or travel if necessary.
Initiated contact with customer, identified their needs, and provided them with appropriate service from the beginning to the end of a project
Complied, prepared and delivered packages for electrical permits, building permits, administrative reviews and zoning reviews for several jurisdictions and municipalities as needed for cell site upgrades or modifications.
Provided and updates on current permitting status, zoning issues, or any potential delay in completion of project
Developed and maintained accurate and complete files for projects and programs; continued to monitor for integrity and completeness
Utilized project management tool to manage or track tasks through lifecycle of project

Nsoro Mastec, atlanta, GA xxx-xxx-xxxx
Regulatory Specialist/ Leasing Coordinator
Performed lease review and lease amendments for new and modified wireless communications.
Handled all the requirements for any changes or additions pursuant to co-location agreements
Ensured all building permits, surveys regulatory filings, environmental and NEPA documentation are on file
Assisted tower owners with updating FAA and ASR filings as needed
Negotiated and selected contractors and vendors for needed services (i.e. surveys, frequency coordination, environmental reports)
Ordered NEPA, SHPO and Phase I’s as needed for new site builds and site modifications
Compiled and uploaded all collected data into Siterra for review and approval
Performed other administrative duties such as filing, faxing, scanning, copying, setting up conference calls and emailing as required

AT&T, Alpharetta, GA xxx-xxx-xxxx
Regulatory Compliance Analyst
Collaborated with RFF engineers to ensure that RF emissions are within safe and acceptable range.
Reviewed RF documents for accuracy and to maintain compliance within licensing boundaries.
Provided guidance to project managers of the necessary filings and documents that will be required for new site builds according to FCC environmental rules and regulations
Reviewed site drawings to determine accuracy and that scope of work was within acceptable safety guidelines and was properly set forth on drawings and matches Phase I descriptions.
Guide the new site build process by sending out approvals for each phase of the compliance process such as pre-construction approval, NEPA approvals, and post-construction approvals.
Researched FCC, FAA web site to determine proper marking and lighting for towers and to determine accuracy of ASRs for sites.
Worked with frequency coordinators and RF engineers to ensure the FCC mandated requirements for coordination and notification are met and the system was free from interference.
Reviewed proposed actions for environmental consequences to ensure Phase I, Phase II, NEPA, THPO and SHPO environmental rules and regulations were followed.
Maintained and frequently update a database with over 1200+ cell site locations.
Coordinated with Real Estate, Network Operations and external teams to ensure all cell sites are in full compliance with FCC and FAA rules and regulations
Compiled and filed environmental assessments (EA) or FCC 601 based on findings in Phase I and/or Phase II reports
Compiled, edited and forward all necessary documentation needed for market license renewals

Additional Skills:
Knowledge/understanding of basic Accounting/Financial principles, proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and all other Microsoft Standard Applications, Knowledge of a variety of tracking and project management software, Knowledge of Wireless Technology Basic cell site translations.

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