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I wish to obtain a position within your company where I may maximize my experience and abilities. I constantly will be focusing on new technology, trends, and way’s to improve myself to be as effecient as possibe.

I am well disciplined and have excellent skills in the following:

National/Multiple Contract Management – Construction Commercial/Residential Data & Communication

Contractual Supervision of Contracted Labor – Simultaneous Multi-State working contracts

Codes, Ordinances, Labor Laws, Easement/Barrier adherence, Workers Compensation, etc.

Wired/Wireless Networking, Outside Plant Construction, Engineering, Blueprints, Project Workflow

Installation/Training/Troubleshooting of Communications such as Telephony/CATV/Broadband Internet

Low Voltage/Communication infrastructure wiring from the engineering through turnkey, from single residential through multiple Outside Plant fiber build’s

Writing and Organizational skills

Adaption to what you want and need done and when it is to be done without supervision


I am qualified by more than 25 years of experience involving everything from hand to hand combat through presenting ordinances to City/County/State boards, from field service, sales, logistics, safety and strict codes. I have gained this knowledge through higher learning and continued education and research on positions with teams that I have been a part of.

I am a Gulf War Veteran. I served as a Paratrooper/Infantryman for eight years. I have been awarded with outstanding leadership, several Army Achievement awards, ARCOM, as well as three Bronze Clusters for my service overseas prior to and during the Gulf War.

I am in great shape spiritually, physically and mentally. I am good under extensive pressure. I have the gift of discernment and talking to people. I am good under direct fire as well as in front of corporate boards. I am a non-drinker, drug freeman, I am a leader and a closer.

I am not new to traveling away from my family for long periods of time. I have been all over the world and away for months at a time. I have recently relocated back to the Central Illinois area and wish to find a job that I am comfortable with and may grow with.

:: Work History::

5/2014 – Present

Velocitel – Tower Division – L&A
1701 American Blvd. East
Suite 16
Bloomington, MN.55425

Field Construction Manager
AT&T builds North America

Supervise and perform construction duties on a daily basis ensuring quality construction for expedited commercial deployment of services. Supervise subcontractors and job site personnel to complete scope of work assigned. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Inspect and approve all employee and sub-contractor's work.

Schedule and coordinate with all local authorities for required inspections.

Complete work in a timely and efficient manner by planning, prioritizing and mobilizing staff, materials and subcontractors to meet progression schedule.

Ensure Superintendent is apprised of construction progress, concerns and deviations from plans or established schedule.

Identify all materials and other resources needed to complete project.

Coordinate resources to meet construction schedules.

Coordinate delivery and off-loading of towers, materials, generators and shelters.

Identify construction "punch list" of items to be remedied and ensure they are completed prior to customer's inspection.

Finalize all inspections to close project.

Assign tasks to fellow crew members and perform civil or tower construction activities such as site clearing and leveling, digging trenches, grounding, forming, shoring, pouring and finishing concrete, spreading rock, stacking towers, testing, positioning antennas, installing antennas, running coax, etc.

Ensure tasks assigned to crew are completed in timely, quality manner.

Train and assist employees in completing tasks. Professionally interact with client's representatives.

May maintain and enforce all SBA and OSHA safety practices, perform daily jobsite safety inspections on equipment prior to operation. Immediately stops work when unsafe work practices or conditions exist.

Must be able to work overtime to include Saturdays, Sundays and evening hours.Perform other related duties as required.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Supervises journeyman, apprentice and helpers.
Assign duties, instruct, review, plan/schedule and coordinate work for the above employees.

10/2012 – 5/2014

Lattice Communications, Inc.
98 W. Cemetery Road
Fairfax, Iowa – 52229

Senior Construction Manager – L&A –Tower Division

Ensure the construction project gets done on time and within budget.

Work with technicians, engineers, architects, contractors, and others who are involved in the construction process.

Review and ensure all design aspects by overseeing the planning, scheduling, and implementation of the construction project to execute those designs.

Implement project schedule for assigned geographic/market area.

Consolidate construction reports, project dates, status and convey clear/accurate reporting to Project Managers.

Coordinate pre-construction site walks.

Work as a liaison between regional network, market teams, vendors and all internal organizations on any technical questions about the project.

Responsible for managing materials, logistics and vendors as the primary point of contact.

Resolve conflicts as necessary for project completion.

Perform the primary role of single point of contact for the project team during all phases of site construction.

Coordinates construction scheduling and communication and acts as a liaison to project management concerning bids, subcontracting, progress and delays.

Perform feasibility walks in corroboration with Zoning, Acquisition and RF departments.

May be responsible for estimates, schedules, materials, and purchase orders.

Helps site acquisition in determining the most viable new constructible site.

Coordinate Power & Telco Utilities.

Coordinate the completion of the close-out documentation with contractors.

Assist with site plans and sketches for inclusion into lease agreements.

Tracks the progress of construction operations such as the arrival and utilization of materials, supplies, tools, machinery, equipment, and vehicles.

Ensure safety compliance on the worksite by following all OSHA standards and practices.

Conducts quality review during site construction and after site work is complete.

Manage detail Scope of Work documentation and troubleshoot issues to avoid delays or escalation.

May perform site surveys.

Coordinate ordering of special equipment as required by site conditions.

Follow all client and company installation standards.

Initiate change order requests with Client before the approving General Contractor change orders and before work is performed.

Communicate well with other Goodman departments.

Stay current on all quality and safety courses assigned.

Maintain assigned company vehicle and good driving record.

Maintain proper dress code.

11/2008 – 10/2012
Sage Systems of Alaska, Inc.
Cell Tower Installs/Upgrades Nationwide
ACT Cable, Chicago, Illinois &EdgeCore Communications, Denver, Colorado.

Construction Management/Tower Crew Foreman/Field Supervisor


· Experienced coordinating construction activities with multiple Contractors/Vendors/Crews for Various Scopes of Work.

· Performed Bid and Pre-Construction walks, prepared Scope of Work documents. I am very experienced with Building/Electrical Permitting: closeouts and inspections.

· Performed Safety Audits and Punch Walks.

· Assembled Bills Of Materials and ordered parts and equipment.

· Reviewed site closeout documentation and test results during “true-up” process.

· Recruiting, Interviewing and Disciplinary interactions with Candidates/Employees.


· Skilled with all major brand R.E.T. software interfaces (Andrew, RFS, Powerwave, Kathrein, etc.)

· Capable of terminating and troubleshooting all types of Coaxial and Eliptical Waveguide cable.

· BTS Cabinet installation, Commissioning and Integration of PCS/UMTS/AWS/LTE equipment.
Nokia Siemens Networks PTID#00ADRR0045786

· Hands-on experienced with P.I.M. Testing & Equipment, as well with Fiber Optic cable Cleaning/Testing/Installation.

· Very experienced with close out packages for multiple carriers; photo editing, sweep editing and uploads, close out documentation.

· Microsoft Office Suite, Siterra, Dropbox.Com, Sweep Vault and Clearvision experienced.


· Installed Lines and Antennas, Microwave Dish Installation and Path Alignment, full Co-Location sites and complete turn-key raw land builds including: Guyed, Monopole, Stealth Pole and Self Supporting towers. Very experienced with Non-Typical builds as well (Water Tanks, Roof Tops, Smoke Stacks, etc.)

· Performed several tower extension and reinforcement projects on many different types of structures.

· Familiar with all aspects of tower maintenance including: Inspection, Lighting Systems, Painting, Re-Guying, Plumb & Tension.

· Experienced as both a Crew Foreman, “Top Hand” and Project/Construction Supervision/Management..

· Strong AT&T UMTS and LTE Upgrade Background.

· Very experienced with upgrading T-Mobile LTE, Verizon LTE and ClearwireWimax networks.

07/2007– 11/2008

Currentlylaid off - I am a CNC Machinist on the 535 Gear Line in building “KK” at the East Peoria Facility.

02/2008 – 05/2012

I contracted withWavelength Technology to do turnkey installs for nine College Additions.
With 17 crews hand selected by myself, I managed to complete ten tri level (24 unit) college dorm/living building additions at nine locations across the country.

From the engineering start through the host end network center located in N.C. we made it happen as a team.
Coax/Telephone/Data/Fiber to all apartments from rough in through move in.From building Outside Plant through wall plates
start to finish with this contract.

Data rooms, head end building(s) per site, excavation, waivers, variances, permits, bringing fiber to the students, etc.
We made it happen for nearly 4000 students on time, below budget.

I have data upon request for this project.

8/2003 – 10/2007

Freelance IT/Communications

Comcast Cable, Hattiesburg, Ms., Little Rock, Ar, Meridian, Ms., Memphis, Tn. and other locations
served as an IT/NetworkIndependent Contractor.

Workload consists of everything from Digital Video through large-scale secured Wired/Wireless Networking.

Locations vary all over the Mid West and Gulf region.

5/2003 – 8/2005

The City of Highland, Arkansas

Code and Safety Enforcement Officer.

My job as an officer was to develop and administer programs to ensure employee safety and agency compliance with OSHA regulated federal safety, health and environmental guidelines/regulations for specified facilities, operations and the visiting public. I reported to the members of the City Council Board as well as the Mayor as well as other entities within the Government.

My responsibilities were as follows:

· Conduct field investigations of reported complaints of municipal codes, ordinance and resolution violations, and advising individuals of violations and methods of abatement; seek abatement (remedies) through voluntary compliance or informal administrative process or administrative hearings or judicial action, conferring with the supervisor on the investigation and disposition of investigations and noted violations.
· Conduct field inspections to uncover violations; gathers supporting evidence; inform individuals of code provisions and encourage compliance; issue appropriate warnings and violation notices and assist in seeking remedies through voluntary compliance or informal administrative process or administrative hearings or judicial action, conferring with the supervisor on the investigation and disposition of investigations and noted violations.

· Explain and interpret municipal codes, ordinances, and resolutions at the counter and in the field to City-State and/or Federal staff, to property owners and the general public.

· Confer with other agencies and City departments, verbally and in writing, on the investigation and disposition of related violations.

· Prepare written staff reports and present evidence at hearings before the Planning Commission, City Council, Hearing Officer, and/or Courts of law related to current code enforcement administrative and judicial proceedings. Complete forms; prepare reports, investigation narratives, and related correspondence.

· Maintain case records, program statistics, and related materials and performs related duties as required.

10/1999 - 5/2003

CEO - Owner The Web Circuit - Nationwide ISP - Peoria/Illinois

From startup, I formed this ISP with a focus on Internet development and management. From startup of a sole proprietor we turned this company into a multi-corporation firm with several offices and computer stores in the Central Illinois area. Acquired T1 lines and dialup Internet service to over 13,000 local pops across the country. These businesses were sold in April, 2003.

6/1998 - 5/2004 – Webmaster – The Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team – The St. Louis Blues Franchise and ECHL.com

Peoria, Illinois St. Louis, Missouri
The Official Webmaster for the Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team while presiding in the Central, Illinois area. Brought live audio/video with play by play/chat/live scores (cgi) to the Rivermen fans and family from all over the world. I traveled with the team to do live WebCast’s from arenas in the ECHL territory (currently 49 states).

5/2000 - 5/2001

Webmaster-ECHL.com - East Coast Hockey League - Trenton, N.J.St. Louis, Mo.

I was the Official Webmaster, Core Designer, Internet Marketing Manager for the East Coast Hockey League - ECHL.com Web Site. The current design is still the design that I had designed from scratch using PHP/MySQL, Flash and many other programs. I obtained the annual contract for Webmaster after being a leader in the professional sporting industry by pioneering live multicasted play by play audio and video for the Peoria Rivermen Hockey Team for over five years.

1/1994 - 10/1999

Webmaster - Web Relations General Manager

BitWise Systems - Nationwide ISP - Peoria/Illinois

I started out as an employee with one of the largest privately owned ISP's in Illinois
(now nationwide). I then worked my way up through the ranks to Webmaster then to Web Relations General Manager. Eventually I ended up purchasing the entire Relations Department from BitWise to form The Web Circuit Corporations.

:: Military History ::

03/23/1988 – Basic Training Ft. Benning, Georgia
For the new soldier, the BCTB conducts nine weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT) only. For non-Infantry specialties, Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is received at another location.

06/23/1988 – Infantry Training School Ft. Benning, Georgia
For the new soldier that is specializing in the Infantry, the ITB conducts fourteen weeks of one station unit training (OSUT) consisting of both Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

09/1988 – 05/1989 – Illinois Army N.G. Shooting Team
Selected as a member of the ANG Shooting Team. I traveled with the Illinois ANG team on missions competing against other teams representing their states in national shooting matches. Competing in long range shooting matches placing in the top six of hundreds of participants.

05/1989 – 05/1990 – Recruiter – U.S. Army, Peoria, Illinois
Interviewed military and civilian personnel to recruit and inform individuals on matters concerning career opportunities, incentives, military rights and benefits, and advantages of military career: Assisted and advised military commands in organizing, preparing, and implementing enlisted recruiting and retention programs. I also interviewed individuals to determine their suitability for placement into specific military occupations. I also occasionally lectured to civic and social groups, military dependents, school officials, and religious leaders concerning military career opportunities.

09/1990 – 07/1991 – Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm
82nd. Airborne Division – Ft. Brag, N.C. - Sent over to Dhahran Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield. Ran classified missions from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia through the 7th parallel North of Kuwait City. Assisted in clearing roadways of insurgents, IED’s, on the road now known as "Death Valley". I disposed of munitions, bunkers, and equipment. Other classified missions. In the direct line of fire from small arms through scud missiles time and time again.

08/1991 – 03/1996

1/123 Div. Infantry – 7th. Group

82nd. Airborne Division - I was sent back stateside and declassified. I spent the remainder of my time as an Army Reservist and IRR soldier.

I received two Honorable Discharges as an Infantry Soldier as well as three bronze clusters for meritorious service and the Combat Infantry Badge.

:: References ::

Professional References





Butch Brakebill

G.M. Automotive



Anthony Bale




Kevin Wendler




My cell phone number is:xxx-xxx-xxxx

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Gary "Richard" Rodgers, Jr.

_________________________________Educational Artifacts

_________________________________Educational Artifacts

“Rich” - Gary Richard Rodgers, Jrxxx-xxx-xxxx – E: xxx@xxx.com

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