towre tec III

                                                 JASON L. WARE

525 Gilbert St.

Hemet CA. 9254


Read work orders, blueprints, plans, datasheets or site drawings to determine work to be done. Inspect completed work to ensure all hardware is tight, antennas are level, hangers are properly fastened, proper support is in place, or adequate weather proofing has been installed

Bolt equipment into place, using hand or power tools. Check antenna positioning to ensure specified azimuths or mechanical tilts and adjust as necessary. Replace existing antennas with new antennas as directed. Install all necessary transmission equipment components, including antennas or antenna mounts, surge arrestors, transmission lines, connectors, or tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs). Take site survey photos or photos of work performed, using digital cameras.

Complete reports related to project status, progress, or other work details, using computer software.


Procell     Communications     5/14-6/14       3020 W. Harvard St. Santa Ana CA.       Chris Davis

Here I was in the maintence department,  were we to care of all emergency calls withier it being electrical or r.f . issue’s


Highman Tower   4/11-2/14 5155 Co. Rd.73 Robstown Tx.              Frank Murphy

Built, inspected, and maintained guide towers, self-supporters, mono poles, and rooftops. Here I was a lead tower hand in charge of rigging, tower safety. Pre and post pics. For T-Mobile/Sprint (LTE)network upgrades, and private venders


Alamon Telco    8/11-3/11   Chino CA                                               Tavis

Here I helped build up the clearwire network .


B.C.I. Communications  5/10-8/11    Chino CA                               Scott Ingham/Ed Harden

Here I did the Sprint/Nextel  (cdma/iden) upgrade


Protero  Communications  1/10-5/10   3020 W. Harvard St. Santa Ana CA      Scott Ingham

Here we built up the 3g network for T-Mobile and also built up the metro pcs network


B.C.I. Communications

Here I did the l.o.s. mapping for  the clearwire network


Process  Communications 6/05-12/09 3020 W. Harvard St. Santa Ana CA   Scott Ingham

This is were I got all my training to be an lead tower hand. Carriers work with is AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, Nextel, Metro P.C.S., Version

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