Programming Language : MATLAB , Java
Software : AWR , Cadence , ADS , HFSS
Familiar with RF principle, RF & analog circuit, electromagnetic theory, RF measurement techniques, RF filter, power amplifier and LNA design, antenna theory, PCB layout
Proficiency in RF test equipment like spectrum analyzers, power meters, oscilloscopes, network
Analyzer, VNA, signal generator, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA system

China first auto manufactory 2011/10-2012/2
Responsible for automatic waste metal material recycle system in J-6 heavy truck production line and power distribution system for the factory.
Academic project
Two-Stage Differential Amplifier
Calculated and designed an analog integrated circuit to meet requirements of power consumption, gain, bandwidth, differential output swing, phase margin, CMRR and PSRR using Cadence.
Made DC and AC simulation to optimize the parameter of MOS transistors.
Composed differential pair, common-source amplifier and bias circuit.
Two-Stage Low-Noise Radio-frequency Amplifier
Designed and simulated a two-stage LNA using NEC710 series GaAs MESFET by AWR.
Made DC calculation to get values of diode resistors, gate voltages, drain current, gate-source voltages etc.
Made AC calculation to get Y-parameter and Gain of the circuit.
Plot the gain, stability and output impedance circle.
MMIC Amplifier
Constructed schematic according to reference circuit in reference date sheet.
Designed input matching network, output matching network and interstage matching network according to S parameter of reference and with help of Smith Chart.
Calculated the value of inductors and capacitors and calculated dimension of elements.
MMIC Chip area came equal to 2.183 mm* 1.7 mm, the DC power consumption is 1.4 W.
5Gbps transceiver using 0.13um CMOS technology with physical layer specification similar to USB3.0 standard.
Modeled the channel attenuation characteristics, designed receiver equalizer and the PLL for clock generation in Cadences
RF components
Wilkinson power divider
RF coupler and mixer
Chebyshev 0.5dB ripple low-pass filter and Butterworth low-pass filter
Microstrip patch antenna
Designed the microstrip patch antenna and Calculated dimension of microstrip using formulas in reference :
Constructed schematic in AWR and simulated the return loss and Phi(azimuth)
Tuned dimension of microstrip to reach design goals
Print out the board and make the antenna
Used network analyzer to measure the antenna, parameter is different to the software simulation result
Tuned the patch size, changed the width copper patch to make the parameter (SWR ) approaching the design requirement.

Relevant Courses
Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Fields and Waves, RF and Microwave Amplifier Design, RF and Microwave Circuit, RF Systems Engineering, VLSI, Digital Signal Process, Power electronics, Linear system
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