Handling and contaminated equipment from laboratories, and wash laboratory equipment glassware and plastic wrap. Assemble and prepare agreement for sterilization operates sterilization oven and small autoclave. Change charts on freezers, cold rooms and incubator rooms and Identify spurious readings; notified supervisors when appropriate. CIP 1000L and 2000L processed tank, manufacturing KG-0, KG-3, IL-2 and JJMEDIA. Routine calibration to osmometer, pH meters, and scales prior to process start up. Paltronnic test l0"and 20” maxicap filters for autoclave. Sterilize equipment to dispense chemicals and formulate solutions. Execute duties in compliance with cGMP. Able to cope with fast paced operations and repeatedly perform multi-step simultaneous operations with accuracy. Familiar with monitoring DCS computer and able to read manually and electronically recorded data. Experienced with scrubs and sterile gowning in clean rooms facilities
xxx-xxx-xxxx Aramark Uniform Services Route Sales Representative
Processed customer orders, invoiced route settlement sheets, and serviced customer accounts on schedule, handled potentially hazardous materials correctly, work safely to avoid injury, picked up all soiled product and maintain correct quarterly inventoriesxxx-xxx-xxxx ECDC Waste Solutions Group Yard and Equipment Mgr.
Managed truckers to transport hazardous soils and liquids from project sites to Pier 96 during event jobs and ongoing business. Organizing transportation of hazardous materials, by rail from Pier 96 ta Utah landfill. Operated 30-40 ton container lift for hazardous soils and liquids. Supervised Union Pacific Railroad Master, Intermodals Services (IMS) Goodyear, Harris forklift, MiJack, and Labor Ready and Connection employees.xxx-xxx-xxxx EKC Technology Production Operator
Responsible for blending, chemicals and filling orders based on customer work production schedules and shipping requisitions. Filling drums and bottles, restock and sorting supplies on racks, shelves, and other bins according to predetermined sequence. Recording amounts of material received or distributed for customer demands. Maintain housekeeping in manufacturing area, decontaminating walls, floors and ceiling from hazardous chemicals.xxx-xxx-xxxx Dow Chemical Operator Technician
Processed batches for Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, and Catalyst and Distillation pilot plants, prepared hazard waste materials from various operating departments for shipment the waste facilities. Trained on machinery to thread, flange and to Teflon lined pipe for process use. Be able to manage several assignments for demolition and performed preventative maintenance on operational equipment, with reduce costly repairs. Using facilities pump bench, familiar with repairs on Centrfugal, Durco, Diaphragm, and Gear pumps. Conducted Pilot Plant safety meeting and audits, which prevented fines from OSHA, EPA to ensured worker safety. Recorded data from Diogonis, Camile, and MOD V computers for operations.

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