Resourceful with strong work ethics looking to utilize my education and experience.
With your company as well being part of the team. Where I can effectively apply all of my skills and abilities. Confidant self-starter or in a team enviorment. Consistanly follow company directives to achieve the common goal. Track record and qualifications also include.

Professianal Experiance

Experience in Windows, Mac, Linux (basic)
Basic Circuit Design and Analysis
Digital Multi-meters
Function Generator
Capacitors, Diodes, Resistors, Op Amps, Transistors, Photo resistors
Step up and Step down transformers
Network Standards and Protocols
FM Transmitters
PLC (Alan Bradley)
Assembly Language
Mechanical skills (hand tools, power tools etc.)
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point
Basic C programming

Southern California

Splicing Technician

Experience and certified in splicing copper cable placing cables. Working in confined areas such as man holes or great hights climbing electric poles aslo used the transpoerter bucket when needed. Rewiring and replacing of cables, among some of the other skills able to identify group, pairs and color codes for wiring, opening, closing and replacing splicing casing. While always maintaning timelines to meet deadlines and ensuring a safety first enviorment. Work load dictated if we would be working individualy or utilizing a team effort to achieve the common goal.

Riverside California

2000 - 2013
Inventory Control Specialist

Determined inventory levels to mainatain a solid instock position while maintain accuracy to meet customer demands on a daily basis.Processes included merchandising to sales floor from the stock room bens as well as sales floor using a geminia. Certified fork lift operator also operate walki stacker while always being aware of safety guidlines. Required to move inventory to maintain optimal freight flow while keeping track of all the merchandise. Multi tasked in other areas of the store while maintaining my core role to help the store get to the comon goal


Recognized for associate of the month for several years
Recognized for being accident free.
Recognized for the level of accuracy as inventory control specialist.


ITT Technical Institute Corona, CA

Associate Science Degree Computer Electronics Engineering Technology

Graduate: Dec 2012 GPA-3.35

Last Resume Update June 19, 2014
Address United States of America
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