Telecommunications Specialist

Telecommunications / Project Management Specialist


Telecommunications Specialist with technical training and experience in Wireless and Landline Operations, including: Cell Site and Central Office provisioning and maintenance, Network Operations Centers processes. Well versed in electronic switching, carrier, fiber optic systems, SLC, DSL, MDF systems, power, timing and alarming. A dependable worker who is focused on providing excellent customer service with training and experience in supervision, labor relations, project management and quality control.


Equipment and process experience: Bechtel Passport, Ericsson/ATT Civils, Comtrain Certified, ETTCS, Cell Site Standardization, T1/D4 Carrier, Lucent 5ESS and NorTel DMS Maintenance, Fiber Optic Systems, MDF, Cosmic Frames, Tellabs Digital Cross Connect, Central Office Power, Microsoft Excel, SONET, SLC96, SLC5, DSL, Alcatel, and Optical Line Terminals; TIRKS, Work Force Administration (WFA/C and WFA/DI.)






Wireless Technician, (also, JALee, Inc., AIM Technical Consultants)   2010 - Present

Contractor with responsibility for conducting FTTCS Site Surveys, Generator Site Surveys, standardization, transport equipment installations, turn-ups, and decommissions, maintenance, quality audits, and construction supporting AT&T and T-Mobile wireless networks.




Project Management Specialist, Jenkintown, PA                                           1999 - 2009

Led cross-functional teams of technicians, project managers, engineering staff and vendors as well as reporting project milestones and outcomes to senior management utilizing MS Excel and other database reporting tools. Projects included:

Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) Project

Charged with the responsibility of building/deploying a new network service (Optical Line Terminals) to support FIOS (Fiber Optic Service) to over 1M homes in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

  • Saved ~$7M in capital expenditures as a member of a select team charged with the responsibility of developing a process to recover unused T1 circuits.
  • Compressed a normal 4-week timeline for one job down to 8 days to meet Marketing’s product availability objective.


FlexGrow Project

  • Provided a new channelized T1 service option to small business customers by creating and upgrading 26 network systems.


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Packet at the Remote Terminal (PARTS) Project

  • Extended the availability of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service to customers served by Remote Terminals by creating 388 network connections.


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Project

  • Using existing equipment and tools created 207 central offices network across Pennsylvania and Delaware, to make available new High Speed Internet services available to customers thereby improving customer satisfaction.
  • Nominated for the Verizon Excellence Award for efficiently and effectively servicing the High Speed Internet needs of the Republican National Convention in 2000.
  • Provided on-site training and technical assistance to team leaders and technicians in 26 different locations across PA and DE.


Line-Sharing Certification Project

  • Certified Verizon’s processes were in compliance with the FCC mandate to un-bundle the local loop in 63 central offices, to facilitate competition.




Supervisor / Team Leader - Switching Services

Led teams of up to 17 technicians in Verizon Central Offices and Network Operations Centers throughout the greater Philadelphia, PA area, with the responsibility of surveillance and maintenance of telecommunication equipment and service to meet customer needs.


  • Met or exceeded objectives for service and trouble resolution.
  • Managed staff performance requirements including development plans, goals and training objectives, regular reviews, and conducting focus group meetings.
  • Improved manager productivity and overall work efficiency for 28 central offices by creating and implementing a work force control process that centralized work prioritization and critical tasks escalation from a dispatch center.


Switching Equipment Technician

Maintained multiple Bell Atlantic Central Office equipment technologies, assuring reliable telecommunications for customers across southeastern PA.




Certified Ericsson/ATT Civils Trained. Certified Tower Climber. 31 college credits in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering at Philadelphia Community and Spring Garden Colleges, Philadelphia, PA


  • Corporate management training including; Project Management, Effective Supervision, Labor Relations, Workforce Administration, Managing Diversity, Security Awareness, EEO and Quality Assurance.


  • Computer Training: Microsoft Office including MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access.
  • Overview training: Fiber to the cell, VoIP
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