Tower C. Resume –

Professional experience in installing fiber and antennas for 5g wireless cell service on towers across the United

06/2011 – 01/2019 Ow ner/ H ea d M echa nic F it e M o t o rcycle A nd
R epa ir

9 years of customer service experience and business management experience-able to do everything from clean a
carburetor to rebuilding a motor on any small engine.

06/2012 – 07/2013 S ub S a nd w ich M a ker F ireho use S ubs

01/2011 – 07/2012 T o w er H a nd V ert ico m

02/2010 – 07/2011 T o w er H a nd X cell

Install co ax and 4g internet services.


05/2007 C umby H igh S cho o l M echa nic a nd R epa ir
T echno lo gies/T echnicia ns,
Ot her, H igh S cho o l


05/2019 R F A w a reness C ert if ied L ynx C o mmunica t io ns

03/2019 C o mmT ra in C ert if ied L ynx C o mmunica t io ns

02/2019 OS H A 10 C ert if ied L ynx C o mmunica t io ns

Last Resume Update August 27, 2019
Location Lincoln, Arkansas
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