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Service-oriented Field Technician with 30+ years of success in building and maintaining telecommunications and network communications infrastructure for several global voice & data leaders.

Extensive success in telecom system installation, maintenance and repair; expert in preventative plant maintenance and cable spicing; hands-on experience working with copper, FTTP, POTS, DSI, ISDN, RTNA, T1, SLC96 and fiber optics.

Capable of engineering routine and specific outside plant work orders, both distribution and feeder. Proficient in providing administrative and field support to the outside plant work forces. Able to plan and organize work to ensure deadlines are met, coordinate with other work groups or individuals, and follow up to check if work is accurate, complete and on schedule. Proficient in various systems such as: IDDS, ICGS, iVapp, BDMS, AAIS.

Possess working knowledge of Telecom Systems, TCP/IP networks. Having working knowledge of ANSI/TIA/EIA cabling standards & the National Electric Code.

Analytical troubleshooter able to quickly isolate, diagnose and fix complex technical problems, minimizing system downtime and increasing customer satisfaction.

Outstanding team building, supervisory and project management capabilities; excel in independent and collaborative team roles, going above and beyond to meet critical deadlines.

Knowledgeable in processes for meeting corporate and Federal policy, ensuring operations comply with OSHA regulations, company Codes of Conduct and other key guidelines.

Background in military security; proficient in anti-terrorism and counter espionage tactics, law enforcement techniques, small arms handling and employment, emergency first aide, less than lethal application, facility access control and personal protection.

Professional Experience

Communications Engineering Company (CEC)
Cedar Rapids, IA
Project Foreman (2015 to present)
Travel to various customer sites to install IT network systems. Install cages, racks and cabinets. Setup, layout, level and install power strip along with proper grounds. Installation and termination of fiber and copper cable. Ability to install all types of patch panels, wiring/cabling, as well as patch cords, and network gear. Proficient with racking and stacking all network equipment.
Lead installation crew members from project start to finish; pulling cable, installing devices, and final systems testing. Ensure quality of project by physically inspecting cabling, mounting devices, network connections, and system functionality. Integrate new systems with customer existing technologies (IT network infrastructure and/or phone systems). Train customers, making sure they are comfortable in using their new equipment. Work with Project Managers and Project Superintendents in reviewing project plans and provide progress reports as needed. Train peers on installation processes, product implementation, and other industry expertise.

Custom Cable, Tampa, FL
Crew Leader (2015)
Install cable pathway systems (cable trays, cable racks, J-hooks or D-rings). Install, terminate, test, label and document horizontal, backbone and other cables. Dress and route cable into telecoms closets, modular furniture and other work area outlets. Build out telecom and equipment rooms. Firestop various types of cable penetrations. Test, troubleshoot, and document test results for cabling.

Anistar Technologies, Tampa, FL
Crew Leader (2013 – 2015)
Install, terminate, test, label and document all categories of cable which includes but is not limited to: twisted pair cable, coax, power limited tray cable, stranded cable, solid conductor low voltage cable, single mode/multimode fiber optical cable, horizontal, backbone and other cables. Dress and route cable into telecom closets, modular furniture and other work area outlets. Build out data centers, telecom and equipment rooms. Firestop various types of cable penetrations. Install IP security, access control and wireless access solutions. Utilize strong leadership skills to ensure continuity on projects, overseeing all documentation and customer interface activity, while enforcing all company policies and safety requirements. Responsible for leading multiple projects, managing crews of multiple techs to successfully complete a project(s) within the required time frame and within the allowed budget. Read architectural drawings and make effective decisions. Conduct job site surveys and interface with customer contacts on projects and work orders. Interface with the end user and coordinate with other trades for each project when required. Provide technical support for customer contacts and technicians on request. Attend project planning and progress meetings with or without the customer contacts assigned. Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and guidelines. Train employees, plan, assign and direct their daily work.

A&S Telecommunications Services, Newark NJ
Level II Installer (2010 – 2013)

Installed various types of wireless access units as well as cable pathway systems, (cable trays, cable racks, J-hooks or D-rings). Install, terminate, test, label & document horizontal, backbone & other cables. Dress & route cat3, cat5/cat5e and cat6/cat6e cables into telecom closets, modular furniture & other work are outlets. Build out telecom & equipment rooms. Fire stop various types of cable penetrations. Test, troubleshoot and document test results for cabling. Possess working knowledge of ANSI/TIA/EIA cabling standards and National Electric Code. Understands, adheres to and promotes Environmental, Health and Safety policies. Interface with customer contacts on projects and work orders. Interface with end user and coordinate with other vendors for each project when required by customer. Provide technical support for customer contacts and technicians on request.

Verizon Communications, Teaneck, NJ (1985 – 2010)
Local Area Manager / Supervisor (2006 – 2010)
Spearheaded regional service installation planning and major telecom building projects. Provided training, performance evaluation, planned, and assigned work for a 23-member team. Appraised performance, addressed complaints, and resolved problems. Oversaw all workplace safety, project quality control, administrative tracking and reporting, and employee discipline. Inspected trucks and tools regularly to ensure technicians were equipped with all resources necessary to complete jobs. Assisted in negotiating and resolving labor issues as liaison between senior company management and local telecommunication union. Interfaced with the end user and coordinated with other vendors for each project when required. Conducted job site surveys. Interfaced with customer contacts on projects and work orders. Provided technical support for customer contacts and technicians on request. Attended project planning and progress meetings with the customer contacts assigned. Reported any project scope changes, issues, or concerns to the assigned contacts process. Performed/prepared timely field reporting of asset usage as required.

Served as Project Manager on telecom installation engagement for first FIOS Kiosk in Pennsylvania, located at Montgomery Mall.
Selected to participate in Verizon’s 1st Time Manager’s Training program; strengthened skills in conflict resolution, time management, diversity training, interviewing, public speaking and project management.

Fiber Optics Technician (1999  2006)
Provided customers with state-of-the-art data and voice networking capabilities; interpreted service orders and worked onsite to install new fiber optic cables and set up equipment that included routers, modems, Optical Network Terminals (ONT), home theater systems, data / voice communication systems, video and security surveillance systems, and relate peripherals. Performed
operational tests to ensure systems met performance standards; troubleshot and repaired components to bring them into compliance and ensure top-quality customer service. Recognized by management for outstanding technical skill; routinely handpicked to tackle special projects beyond the abilities of junior technicians, and assisted local managers in coordinating teams and projects as Acting In-Charge Supervisor.
Received special fiber optics training, and served as Lead Technician and stand-in Supervisor on yearlong project to implement and deploy CAT6 wiring at Verizon Communication’s new global HQ in Basking Ridge, NJ:
Designed comprehensive wiring schematic detailing paths building-wide, and partnered with IT to ensure computer servers and patch panels were wired properly
Made valuable project contributions that garnered accolades from Verizon’s IT Manager, Head of Security and Senior Staff Consultant.
Resolved technical problems quickly; provided professional, courteous service with personal follow-up that saved threatened accounts and retained Verizon customers.

Cable Splicer (1996  2006)
Quickly located, tested and repaired faults in copper cable; fixed short circuit, grounding, cross battery and break issues both aerially and underground. Utilized hand-held digital and analog meters to isolate faults, and executed safe, cost-effective repairs.
Resolved cable damage arising from water seepage, accidental cutting, storm events and animal depredation; expedited return of service for up to 3,600 customers at a time.
Maintained high rate of productivity; successfully cleared average of 20 alarms per month.

Facilities Technician – Installation & Maintenance (1994  1996)
Kept aged telecom infrastructure providing service to customers across urban and suburban Essex County, NJ. Completed jobs in interior, limited spaces and outdoors in all manner of weather; installed and maintained Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) circuits ranging from basic telephone service to advanced DSL, ISDN, RTNAs, SLC96 (digital loop multiplexer) and T1/T3 circuits.

Military Experience

United States Marine Corps – Various locations
Warehouse Supervisor / Marine Security Guard / Certified Legal Aide (1986 – 1994)

Earned steady advancement during decorated military career; transitioned from supply role following selection to receive Marine Security Guard training at Quantico, FBI and State Dept., gaining skills in special weapons, intelligence collection and analysis, information security, hand-to-hand combat and other key security operations. Moved into legal department as Certified Legal Aid following Honorable Discharge from active duty; continued in Marine Corps Reserve role, working with lawyers to prepare legal documents and advise Marine personnel Marines and their families.

Awarded Level 1 Top Secret security clearance, and protected American Ambassador and U.S. personnel at U.S. Embassies in Tokyo, Japan and Monrovia, Liberia.

Member of advanced tactical team for arrival of Vice President Quayle to Singapore; provided personal security for VP’s secretary.

Educational Background

Coursework in Fiber Optics: Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ

Computer Repair, Desktop Support & Networking Certification: Bloomfield College – Newark, NJ

Coursework in Criminal Justice: North Carolina Central University – Durham, NC

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Last Resume Update February 16, 2017
Location Zephyrhills, Florida
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