Tower Climber Salary: How Much Do Tower Climbers Make?

The wild and adventurous life of a tower climber is one that many people, men and women included, often aspire to. However, the dangers that naturally come with working at such heights, in all weathers, usually around live electricity, are usually enough to prevent the majority of people that are interested in a career as […]

4 Things A Good Tower Climber Never Forgets

Climbing communications towers that are hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet in the air, is a very dangerous job!┬áMost towers have no mechanical lifts, so getting to the desired height means scaling rungs hand-over-hand, usually while wearing bulky safety gear and carrying an equipment bag. While the risk of falling is great,┬áthe freedom is greater. […]

Tower Climber Jobs – What you need to know.

Tower climber jobs are advertised all over the internet, and if you are thinking of going into the industry and or are already within it, hoping to find a different position and then you have plenty of places to be looking. However, there are three factors that you need to consider when you are hoping […]

Hiring Tower Climbers

As someone that has the power of giving people a job, you know just how important it is that you do your job right. You don’t want to be giving the job to the wrong person, because you’ll just have to let them go within a few months! But one of the most complicated and […]

So you want to be a Tower Climber

Our world is changing so fast. New technology brings so many new fields for interested people who want to experience different jobs. One of the hardest and most unusual jobs in the world is tower climbing. With the increasing use of wireless electronic devices, the need for tower climbers is increasing every day. The job […]