Safety First: A Comprehensive Guide to Being Safe When You Climb

Being a tower climber can lead to a very rewarding career, however, it can also be a dangerous profession. Although being a tower climber comes with certain risks, you can offset those risks by following these safety tips.  Follow a Safety Plan Every tower climber should have an emergency plan in place. This plan should […]

Best Tower Climbing Schools

Since not all companies provide on the job training, it can be worth the time to research outside schools and training programs. Even if the company you currently work for offers training, improvement of your skills is never a bad thing. Many colleges offer beneficial courses, such as, fall protection, climbing techniques, etc… But to […]

Tower Climber Training, Tower Foreman, Tower Project Managers

Many companies that hire tower climbers have their own training and certification processes. There is, however, an alternative. Some one may take the classes with an external company to give them an edge for a career with the company they want. Even if someone has been a tower climber for many year, retaking a class […]