Tower Climber Equipment – Anchors

When anchors are used in conjunction with proper knots, they are an added line of defense which prevents accidents from happening on the climb. Anchors are reusable, they can be drilled and filled as needed for placement. They can be placed horizontally, vertically and even on overhead services as is required for the safety of […]

Tower Dawg Skills

When people hear the term tower climber, their minds fill with an image of thrill seekers, dangling 1,500 feet in the air, and they get a very glamorous image. There are many other qualities besides not having a fear of heights that makes a good tower climber. The average tower is 200′-1500′ in the air. […]

Being a Tower Climber

There are few jobs with such terror, adrenaline, and calm thought than being a tower climber. Many people in fact do not actually know what it is, but as soon as they find out about it they are often desperate to join! But being a tower climber means much more than just climbing up and down […]