Tower Climber Salary: How Much Do Tower Climbers Make?

The wild and adventurous life of a tower climber is one that many people, men and women included, often aspire to. However, the dangers that naturally come with working at such heights, in all weathers, usually around live electricity, are usually enough to prevent the majority of people that are interested in a career as […]

Tower Climber Crew Chief – Foreman

Each “Tower Dog” is responsible for their safety and the safety of their crewmates, it’s a combination of training and common sense. Crew chiefs are responsible for overseeing every member of their crew, for surveillance of the site, and for all subsequent paperwork that is needed. Being a crew chief is a huge responsibility and […]

Authorized Climber Certification

NATE TOWER CLIMBING AND RESCUE: NATE CERTIFICATION VSI Tower Climbing & Tower Rescue Authorized Climber VSI’s training programs have been developed in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard. Authorized Climber Certification Our training programs have been designed to ensure that the student understands the proper […]

Tower Climber Story

It’s Monday at 5 am. James is up and making a pot of coffee preparing for his day of tower climbing. Just like he would do for any other job he showers and shaves, gets dressed and kisses his wife goodbye. Though he is an experience tower climber, he knows that mistakes on his part, […]

Cell Tower Climber Safety

It is imperative for any cell tower climber to think very seriously about their safety. After all, tower climbing is a very dangerous career for someone to undertake, and therefore it is vital to consider thoroughly what can be done on a daily basis to make their job as safe as it can possibly be. […]

Women Tower Climbers

Tower climbers throughout the world are known for their incredible strength and daring. Climbing up towers that are completely exposed to the elements, in all weathers, carrying a large amount of equipment that is incredibly heavy, is not really for the faint of heart. Add into that the detailed knowledge, experience, and qualifications that a […]

Tower Climber Gear

When you climb towers for a living, you want to know that the equipment that you are using will hold you. You want to know, beyond any doubt, that you are safe. But as we know, all technology eventually reaches a point where it cannot be used any more, and when you are a tower […]

Entry level tower climber jobs

In the recent period tower climbing is getting really popular among workers looking for entry level tower climber jobs and there are many reasons for that. One reason is the advance of technology and the growing number of newly erected cell towers that require maintenance and in some cases repair and installation. Of course, those […]

So you want to be a Tower Climber

Our world is changing so fast. New technology brings so many new fields for interested people who want to experience different jobs. One of the hardest and most unusual jobs in the world is tower climbing. With the increasing use of wireless electronic devices, the need for tower climbers is increasing every day. The job […]

Tower Climber Certification

Before you take a single step off the ground, every tower climber needs to think carefully: are you trained? Because without training in being a tower climber, it can be incredibly dangerous to do this job. Just like any career with a high amount of peril, without the right courses and education you could really […]