The Future of Tower Climbing: 5 Trends Employers Should Know in 2024

With the landscape of communication and technology continuing to evolve, the tower climbing industry has been steadily climbing up the ladder itself. Tower climbing is a skilled profession requiring specialization in installing, maintaining and repairing tower broadcasting equipment. The industry is blossoming and employers should be aware of the growing trends in 2024. 1 The […]

Is Tower Climbing a Growing Industry?

  In an ever-evolving landscape of technology and communication, one industry that has been steadily making its way up is the tower climbing industry. Tower climbers, also known as communications tower technicians, are skilled professionals who specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of broadcasting equipment on towers. As we explore this blossoming industry, we […]

What is Rip Rap?

Riprap, also known as rip rap, rip-rap, shot rock, rock armour or rubble, is rock or other material used to armor shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against scour and water or ice erosion. These are the typical uses for riprap, but other uses are on a steep graded hill to prevent […]

Gin Pole

What is a Gin Pole?

A gin pole (derived from gyn, a three-legged lifting device) is a supported pole which uses a pulley or block and tackle on its upper end to lift loads. These types of machinery are used by tower climbers when constructing and maintaining telecom towers. The lower end is braced or set in a shallow hole […]

Union Wireless – Company Spotlight

There is a lot of competition between cell phone providers. It seems that every company has some gimmick or trick. From complicated data plans to spotty coverage, many consumers feel limited. But, there is one company that has not forgotten that communication is about bringing people together not driving them away. Why Union Wireless? Since […]

Boom Crane Operators

The tower climbing industry is more diverse than most people realize. In fact, there are a lot of people who don’t give a second thought to being able to text or get online… until they can’t. Frequently, the focus of these blogs has been on those who climb. Several other individuals play important roles, the […]

The Dirty Secrets Of Hiring A Recruiter (See Shocking Answers Inside!)

So you are thinking about hiring a Recruiter? Well, then think again! It may sound like a good idea, until you see the cost of actually hiring one. Here’s the thing: according to, the average pay for a Recruiter is a whopping $45,222 per year. And here’s the kicker – according to CNN, the actual cost is always 20% higher. […]

Tower Climber Workers Comp

Worker’s Compensation is a type of insurance which protects a worker in the event that they are injured while on the job. If a tower climber is injured while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance pays for the employees medical bills. If an employee loses time at work, worker’s comp ensures that they receive their […]

Why use

The tower climbing industry is one that takes skill and a high-level of attention to detail, not to mention all of the training required. The thing every employer will inevitably face is having a position to be filled and either not getting enough qualified applicants applying or having everybody and their brother apply, although the […]

OSHA and Tower Climbers – Who Should Hold Blame?

Tower climbing has been named the number one most dangerous job in America .  The annual death rate of tower workers is more than ten times that of construction workers.  There are about 10,000 of these guys working on our cell and other tall towers, and they’re dying at an alarming rate. OSHA (Occupational Safety […]