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Long Wave Inc. is a Veteran-Owned Small Business defense contractor headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. We are an industry leader in the installation and maintenance of Very Low Frequency/Low Frequency/High Frequency (VLF/LF/HF) communication systems, software development, software, and hardware installation, Nuclear Command and Control Communication (NC3), Contract Support Services (CSS), and systems engineering. We have grown into an agile company based on experience, trust, and integrity. Long Wave is the best Strategic Communications Small Business in America. As a leader in services and solutions, software, and engineering products, we make certain that our abilities are as diverse and unique as our customers.

As a government contractor, we specialize in:

  • Engineering
  • Tower and Antenna Maintenance and Installation
  • Software Development
  • Software and Hardware Installation
  • Operations and Maintenance of Government Facilities
  • Information Technology and Cybersecurity Services
  • Simulation and Training
  • Program Management Services for Various Agencies and Clients

Staffed with retired military, senior engineers, and support personnel from industry, we have helped to design and implement some of the United States Military’s most critical and innovative communications technologies. Our subject matter experts have hundreds of years of combined experience operating, maintaining, and modernizing communications suites around the world and our software developers have decades of experience analyzing, architecting, developing, testing, and deploying software solutions for the United States Navy and commercial customers.

Our military men and women around the world count on Long Wave to provide services for many of today’s modern military communication programs. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • The Clarinet Merlin Receiving System (CMRS), a shore-based communications system that continuously monitors emergency transmissions from buoys launched from United States Navy submarines;
  • A Command and Control (C2) Dashboard, which provides databases for operational and maintenance support for the United States Navy’s Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) leadership;
  • Long Wave developed Trainers and Stimulators that provide mission rehearsal capability, which can completely simulate a communication suite with integrated voice and data communications.

Long Wave is proud to be a Veteran-Owned Small Business supporting the United States Military since 1995.

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