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We specialize in cellular communications site construction, upgrades, trouble shooting and maintenance in microwave, LTE, UMTS, GSM. In addition, our expertise extends into tower modification for those towers that are close to the structural maximums or are projected to be. We are a contractor that is able to set shelters, pour foundations, stack towers and integrate technologies such as DAS, LTE, UMTS, 9500 MPR and MDR 8000 microwave. We are able to execute from start to finish a raw land build and any structural modification or maintenance needed on self supporting towers, monopoles or guyed towers. From the beginning, it has been our goal to be a single source for any telecommunications needs.

We pride ourselves in specializing in all facets of telecommunications construction and trouble shooting. We have built a company that can construct a cellular communications site and go a step further. We can address any trouble shooting required across all technologies being utilized on any given cellular communications site. It has been a mission of the company from the date of conception to not only build and construct the nation's cellular infrastructure but also to understand the customer service aspect and sensitivities, knowing that any mistake on our part could potentially impact thousands of people. Implementing the most up to date quality and safety standards and teaching our employees that every action counts has given us the edge in safety, customer support and quality. Our experienced team of tech-savvy, innovative professionals work closely with large Fortune 500 companies across multiple technology and industry domains. Our experts utilize proven strategies, tools, and methods within a quality framework to drive meaningful change and continuously deliver cost effective results.

Mission Statement
Through training and management of each aspect of the construction process we will provide an all inclusive experience for our customers that both meets and exceeds the customers' expectations and demands. Our company as a whole maintains the up-most quality and safety standards to provide a customer experience that is second to none.

About Us
Supernova was founded in 2007 and focused primarily on providing IT services. After achieving excellent growth in IT, the Telecom division was opened in 2013. We have assembled a highly experienced team of Telecom managers and technicians that specialize in tower construction, modifications,  upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting.


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