Focused technical professional offering versatile and creative solutions. Quickly masters new roles and technologies to achieve positive results. Has experience in Navigation, communication systems, data systems, radar systems and Test Equipment.

Skills & Abilities

Conducts voltage standing wave ratio, minimum discernable signal, power output checks on systems and antennas

Schematic reading and interpretation

Use Test equipment to diagnose and repair systems

Secret security clearance

Dependable independent worker

Effective team leader

Troubleshooting at component level


ELECTRONICS tecchnician, u.s. navy

11/27/2011 – 11/27/2017

Reads and interprets schematic diagrams, uses test equipment to repair electronic equipment and cabling. Conducts preventive and corrective maintenance. Inventories tools and test equipment. Completes data forms and orders repair parts.


Electronics Technician apprentice technical training

USN school teaching electrical theory, using test equipment and calculating parameter values, operation of logic circuits, communication, radar and motors.

Electronics technician ‘A’ School

Apply safety provision while working in hazardous environment, communication theory, radar theory; repair maintain HF, UHF communication systems; operate align and repair radar systems and displays

Information Systems maintenace Technician

Basics of fiber optics, Cisco routers, UNIX, uninterruptable power supplies, satellite communications, generic front-end communications processor, XLAN OMNI switch and LAN

AN/WSN-7 INS RLGN Operations and maintenance

Operate and maintain inertial navigation system and integrated bridge system. Electromechanical troubleshooting and maintenance.

AN/SPS-49 Air Search radar

Make power out MSDS, VSWR measurements; isolate faulty waveguide and transmission lines; align RF, IF and video amplifiers; maintain dry air, and cooling water system.


Presents daily intelligence briefs to the USS Samuel B. Roberts upper leadership on currents events and specific operations.


-Lead 19 technicians in Combat Electronics Division containing radar, communications, micro-miniature repair and test equipment.

-Inventoried and calibrated 210 pieces of electrical test equipment worth over $900,000

-Administered climber safety program for USS Carney


Kevin Bushey

Electronics Material Officer, USN


Jonathan England

Electronics Material Officer, USN


Armondo Marquez

Work Center Supervisor, USN


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