I want a highly rewarding career where I can use my skills and knowledge for organizational and personal growth.

Work History:
Bluestream Professional Services
CM/Crew Supervisor December 21, 13’-Present Texas markets
I was hired at BPS as a construction manager but rather took a role in running a crew in Texas. After three weeks at the training facility in Atlanta I started immediately working trouble tickets throughout Texas for AT&T where I completed almost 40 trouble tickets ranging anywhere from UMTS problems to LTE, to radio connectivity issues. Once construction began in West Texas, I completed 2C construction builds there. All of my sites were complete boomgate change out’s. Along with the LTE builds, we were completely rebuilding of the existing UMTS. These sites included complete closeout deliverables. PIM, sweeps, RET programming, fiber testing and cleaning, pictures and all necessary forms completed included. Also worked on SPRINT 65 MHZ project in central and south Texas. Along with LTE construction, I trained new employees in proper tower safety practices, rigging, construction etiquette, and work integrity. Also trained new foreman in new construction and closeouts.

Civil Solutions Inc. February 12’-June 13’ Texas markets
Construction Foreman
As a foreman for CSI, I built SPRINT LTE/4G sites all over Texas. I also worked in the T-Mobile Modernization market in San Antonio and Austin building sites including full boom change outs. I also have trained a number of current foreman and crews for the company that have moved on to other markets. I’ve trained and developed new rigging practices, RF sweeping, and construction methods and ethics. I had a hand in the development and implementation of a new construction method used at CSI increasing production and revenue. I built well over a hundred sites for CSI within the state of Texas. I also have designed different apparatus’s to help construction of these sites and increasing safety on site including a gin pole. Closeout documentation, pictures, sweeps and all aspects of deliverables for close-outs. Also enjoyed a long run building sites 100% punch free.

TXR Global Technology Services Sept 10’-May 12’ All Northeast Markets
Civil/Tower Foreman
I started in Pittsburg “tiger-teaming” in Clearwire market, diagnosing construction problems, assessing construction crews work, and top to bottom construction projects. I worked in AT&T markets all throughout the northeast on GSM, UMTS, and constructing LTE sites. Including complete construction of sites, surveying, audits, IPU installments, cabinet install’s, power install’s, PIM testing, directing other crews, running fiber, cut over’s, co-locate’s, etcetera. Also tiger teamed for Metro PCS, T-Mobile, and other carriers.

Doyenne Constructors March ‘10-May 10’ TX
Performed I was hired as a welder/boilermaker to work for an outage at the Fayette power plant in La Grange, Texas. Rebuilding of the “bowl mills” structures, assembly and disassembly, including boilers and feeders. Welding tasks, rigging, over head cranes, fabrication, and mechanical construction was involved working “hand to hand” with LCRA millright workers.

American Communications Inc. Sept. 09’-Mar 10’ US
Lead Tower Technician
American hired me for a Sweep Technician in Austin but was put on build-out’s in San Antonio and Dallas mainly for the Clearwire markets, co-locates, fresh build’s, troubleshooting, path alignments, along with sweep tasks. American quickly moved me over to special projects, which included crucial microwave build-outs(8‘, 10‘, 12‘, etc.) in extreme weather conditions in the northwest, troubleshooting transmission problems, time sensitive jobs, connectors, critical rigging, and other projects for Clearwire, AT&T and Verizon.
RFIP Inc. May 08’-Feb 09’ OK, LA, TX, AR
Lead Tower Technician
AT&T UMTS upgrades, Clearwire builds, various wireless networks and tower erections. Worked for AT&T in the gulfstates for Hurricane relief, co-locates, beef-ups, microwave antennas, antenna troubleshooting, system troubleshooting. Tower construction, rigging, gin pole and winch.

LSWS-Inc. Sept. 04’-May 08’ US
Lead Tower Technician/Sweeper
I worked in all technologies such as UMTS, CDMA, WIMAX, IDEN, microwave, broadcast, co-locate jobs, stack and de-stack, etc.. I’ve climbed and rigged towers in excess of 1400 feet, stacked broadcast transmission rigid line, hung FM antennas, and de-stacked guy towers, gin pole and winch, rigging. Have installed micro-dish systems for Fiber tower and path aligned them. Have worked in several cell market’s including AT&T, Sprint, including their WIMAX systems, T-mobile and a number of different wireless services. Azimuth’s, tower banding, rectifying of failed structure analysis reports, Omni antenna systems, micro-wave dishes, ice-bridges and trapezes, etc..

Mechanical Construction Services Inc. Aug 04’ LaGrange, TX
Rebuilding expansion joints and heat exchanger’s in coal generated power plants, decommission bag houses including removing, rigging, and safely grounding from heights of 200 feet, underground silo duct work, repair trolley systems, and repairing train car dumping systems. Operation of man lifts, JLG man lifts, forklifts, and other large industrial machinery. Welding ferrous and non-ferrous steel and alloy’s, carbon-arc cutting, all welding tests were administered at the power plant by the Lower Colorado River Authority.

Other Qualifications:
Certified ANRITSU Sweep Technician
RDM Fiber testing and cleaning
FIRST AID and CPR 2014
PIM testing (Antritsu, Pim Pro, Kaelus, ets..)
Certified Climber and Tower Rescue (CITCA, PAC and COMTRAIN)
OSHA 12 and Plant Safety
Fluent Computer skills
Fluent in Spanish
Welder (structural, cranes, winches, frack tanks, ship builder’s, aluminum, stainless, pipe, etc.)
Iron Worker
Maintenance Mechanic
Security, Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance technician

1994 Pasco High School Diploma

1994-95 Tri-tech Vocational College (Welding Technology)

2005 Blinn College/Government, History, etc.

2007 Texas State Technical College/Automated Manufacturing Integrated Systems Technology (Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechanics, AC/DC Power, Electrical Motor Controls, PLC)

2014 COMTRAIN: Climber and Rescue/PIM/First Aid/
2006 CITCA: Competent Climber and Tower Rescue
2014 Bluestream Telecom Training

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