Environmental Specialist

I have 11 years of experience related to environmental quality; bioremediation processes; hazardous waste management; GIS; ecological risk assessment; design, operation, and optimization of soil remediation systems; microbiology; and, in applying value ecology principles to the design of environmental monitoring systems. I have been responsible for evaluating, upgrading, and supporting hazardous waste management. Oil and gas experience, including upstream and downstream experience working on oil fields (exploration, production, and refining activities) from oil company (Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. - PDVSA). I have experience in design, cost estimating, and development of work plans on environmental projects. It includes a number of fields related to data acquisition, management, and presentation, including data analysis techniques. Also, I have driven numerous field sampling and field analysis events. I began to function as an Ecologist more than 14 years ago on scientific projects in coastal wetland and savannah soil systems, in Venezuela. I worked on scientific environmental projects in the Central University of Venezuela, Simón Rodriguez University and PDVSA. I am legally authorized to work in the US.

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NSS Engineer
Oct 2010 - Mar 2014

Ericsson 3G RBS for ATT nationwide project.
• Node B Integration of new site builds (NSB) and Node B carrier addition at RBS 3201; 3206; 3106; 3418; 3518; 6600.
• T1 add: implement T1s, create IMAgroups and links, create VCs, and configure ATM traffic descriptors and Quality of Service.
• T1 disconnection: RNC; Node B; DACS and MSN.
• Node B ATM configuration on Tellabs and Alcatel MSN (Multi-Switch Node).
• RBS migration Ericsson RBS from ATM to IP transport, including SIAD. ETTCS configuration and hardware hotswap.
• Perform post-check in all the nodes, troubleshoot any issues and prepare report and logs.
GSM Ericsson and Nokia T1 reduction and cabinet downgrade for AT&T nationwide project.
• BTS TRX downgrade and upgrade. BTS deletion and creation: Cabinet harvesting.
• Creation of CIQ, diagram and scripts as request.
• Implement non-traffic and traffic affecting parameter changes. Perform BSS configurations tasks.

Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA)
Corporate Leader of Remediation and Environmental Supervision
Jan 2010 - Oct 2010

• As Team Leader of Environmental Emblematic Project from PDVSA, I established the technical specifications for the Environmental Remediation and Restoration of Canal de Bachaquero, in Zulia State, which is a HUGE oil pit with 3 km of length (1.9 miles), 50 m of width (55 yards) and 3 m depth (3.28 yards). Phase I had an estimated cost about USD 20 million.
• Managing remediation tasks/projects involving design, permitting, and construction of remedial systems and O&M activities/programs.
• Conducting site testing, design/optimize systems, evaluate viable remedial alternatives, and prepare detailed cost estimates.
• Interacting with internal team members in the local operations, as well as corporate staff and executive management board.
• Coordinating environmental audits and develop plans, integrated field team communications, and corrective actions where needed.
• Planning, performing and oversee field work.
• Technical support in environmental projects from whole Corporation, as well as to evaluate technological strategies for hazardous waste management and wastewater treatment, mainly from Production and Refining activities.
• Sampling and characterization wastewater for treatment or discharge.
• Member of Corporate Technical Committee of Environmental Liabilities, responsible for coordinating the technologies-evaluation, -innovation and- design for the management of environmental liabilities in all operational areas.
• Permanent Member of Corporate Technical Committee of Environment, in order to elaborate Environmental Technical Norms for PDVSA as Drilling cuttings; Production waters; Spent Catalyzers; Material contaminated with hydrocarbons; Environmental Impact Assessment, etc.

Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA) – INTEVEP
Environmental Adviser
Jun 2005 - Jan 2010

• Analyzing data; conducting remedial investigations, feasibility studies, engineering evaluations, remedial designs/actions, or site characterization following environmental regulations and EPA guidance.
• Preparing remedial reports and cost assessments; and designing and implementing remedial systems and pilot studies.
• Managing tasks involving multiple methods of site remediation with a focus on remedial design/remedial action and site management/characterization.
• Planning, performing and oversee field work.
• Performing and driving technical reports.
• Working as part of field teams (i.e. operation assessments, sampling and routine testing) and overseeing subcontractors.
• Assisting the senior project manager to plan, staff, schedule, budget, and ensure quality of work products, consistency across projects, ensure safety of staff, and coordinate with subcontractors and internal support staff, including senior technologists and subject matter experts.
• Supporting the senior project manager in day-to-day interaction with operational areas and environmental regulatory entities, and present information and frequently participate in monthly meetings.
• Working with environmental manager and health and safety managers to develop safety plans including coordination of audits, integrated field team communications, and corrective actions where needed.
• Working and growing as a technical leader for the site remediation.
• Evaluating, improving and innovating technologies for restoration of impacted environment and waste management, mainly at Exploration, Production, Refining and Industrialization activities.
• Performing technical standards for the environmental projects at PDVSA.
• Evaluating national and international technology vendors.
• Performing state of art of every investment and development project.
• Discussing environmental laws with government institutions.
• Member of Corporate Technical Committee of Environmental Liabilities, responsible for coordinating the technologies-evaluation, -innovation and –design for the management of environmental liabilities in all of the industry’s operating areas.
• Coordinator and leader of Technical Group of Oils Sludge that supports the Corporate Committee of Environmental Liabilities.

ABSG Consulting de Venezuela
Coordinator of Project - Environmental Audit
Aug 2004 - May 2005

To coordinate and execute activities corresponding to Certification process of the Plataforma Deltana Environmental Baseline Project: Preparation of checklist, Laboratory audits, Preparation of audits, technical reports, Quality Certification of results according to ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and EPA SW846 norms.


ABS Consulting
Internal Auditor ISO 14001:2004
Nov 2005 - Nov 2005
Universidad Central de Venezuela
Oct 1991 - Jul 1999

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