added responsibility to meet tight deadlines. Enthusiastic team player with a strong work ethic and advanced
complex problem solving skills. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word.


Highly Dependable Consistently meet goals
Fast Learner Efficient multi-tasker
Effective leader Project management
Customer service-oriented Organized


National Cell Site Acceptance Construction Manager/ALU/Sprint , 01/2013 to 12/2014

MPI Industries – Nationally Located, remote

Worked as a Back Office Construction Manager for ALU/Sprint and the National Cell Acceptance Team.
Reviewed all cell site final acceptance submissions before final product sent to Sprint.
Reviewed all of Sprint's new 2.5 commissioning and Integration COP's.
Lead CM over all the NE markets.

Assigned several duties at ALU regional office.

Team lead over COP/SAF review.

Extensive knowledge of Sprint's Siterra and ART Tool databases.

After closeout review notified GC of any punch items that need to be corrected.
Completed packages were uploaded to Sprint's Siterra database.
Assisted ALU Financial team each month with vendor submitted offline SAF's.
Supervised the installation of ALU 800/1900 RRU radios

Identified that pricing for all OOS items was correct and approved.
Reviewed As-built/Red-lined CD's as needed.

Part of the final Site Acceptance Team.
Oversaw Temp Acceptance In-flight and CCSA submissions to Sprint.
Maintained close contact with field CM's and Markets leads on any temp acceptance issues.
Managed tiger teams on Blitz cleanup project.
Requested revised RFDS and TTDS from RF team.
Trained CM's and GC's on the processes involved in completing closeout packages.
Stressed the importance of safety and quality during site builds.

Field Construction Manager/ALU/C-Spire, 05/2012 to 12/2012
MPI Industries – Jackson, MS

Scheduled pre-con walks with GC's to identify any pre-existing conditions prior to construction start.
Held safety meetings, inspected all permits, and made sure that all equipment used on the tower was in
proper working condition.
Sign completed JSA forms. Inspected all equipment to be installed, antenna, RRUs, fiber,power lines, for any defects
Identified any OOS items to be addressed during construction.
Daily conference calls with ALU market lead for site construction statuses and SAP approvals.

Due to the large military presence in Jackson, had to obtain any special clearances/permits needed to gain
access to government restricted areas.
Created BOM's for each site to be built and uploaded doc to FST.
Reviewed all Closeout documentation and photos.

Held punch walk meetings with GC, signed red-lined CD's.
Once a site has passed at construction and safety standards, a site walk with the customer was scheduled
and site was handed over to them.

Field Engineer, 05/2012

Avenger Engineering – Atlanta, GA

Installed 1C/2C kits with RU/FU/RAX/TX60 boards for nationwide upgrade.
Used EMAS tool to get COP screenshots of the alarm list, CV/Upgrade list, and license key with


Call NIC for pre/post alarm site checks.
Installations during maintenance window.
UMTS 3106/3206/3418/3518.

Took pre/post site pictures for COP.
Call tested each sector locking down on carrier frequency and scrambling codes.

Project also included the installation of battery packs in 3106 cabinets.
Upgrading power from +/-24V to +/-48V.
Installed 3206 cabinets inside shelter.

Field Supervisor, 12/2011 to 03/2012

Tangent - Ericsson/T-Mobile/Claro – San Juan, PR

Responsible for the day to day coordination of contractors/vendors while they finished final punch lists

and site walks.

Coordinating QC/QA.

Took detailed notes on status of site completion. Made sure COP's were completed to Ericsson/T-Mobile


Integrated 1st and 2nd carrier UMTS equipment for Claro/PRT.

Preformed tiger team duties, getting sites integration ready.

Antenna/RRU swaps.

Supervised delivery and shipment of second carrier equipment. Signed delivery documents.

Supervised equipment installation to completion.

Field Supervisor, 01/2011 to 07/2011

Astron Consulting Ericsson/AT&T

LTE Installations and Integration /Call Testing (New York City and surrounding boroughs, Orlando FL,
Atlanta GA) Integrated UMTS 3106 and 3206 cabinets.
Follow Ericsson MOPs, test plans.
EMAS tool.
Installed RAX/TX60 cards into 3206 UMTS cabinets along with second carrier radios and filters,
repositioned RF jumpers LTE Installed SIAD, MU, Fiber, GPS receiver and GPS.
Integrated cell site after each complete install.
DUL scripting.
Uploaded screenshots into DAM tool, Site Handler.

Network Integration/Carrier Add Engineer, 07/2010 to 12/2010
Avenger Engineering Network Integration/Carrier Add Mobile AL – Biloxi, MS

Integrated both 1st and 2nd Carrier UMTS 3206 Cabinets.
Installed new RAX boards and TX60 cards, OBIF cards, ETCM-1 cards.

Site Audit/Survey Technician, 05/2010 to 06/2010

Rightech – Raleigh, NC

Provided detailed site drawing of all carriers inside compound.

Recorded current power readings from designated meter.

Took pictures of all site equipment that was being used.

Used an Excel spreadsheet with a power calculator to determine the total amount of power being else by
each cell site.

Field Technician, 03/2010 to 05/2010

Avion Systems – New York City, NY

Installed RAX/TX60 boards for nationwide upgrade for cabinet types 3106, 3206, 3418, and 3518.

Clearwire Pathing Technician, 09/2009 to 02/2010

Teksystems New World Technology – Greensboro-High Point-Winston, NC

Responsible for installing and programming Dragonwave's Horizon Duo Modems, Ceragon Modems,
Orthogons, and PTP600/400 Microwave equipment.
Powered up Clearwire Equipment by running a power cable (-48V) from the breaker box back into the

Duties included contacting the NOC to fix trouble tickets and outages during maintenance windows.
Loading company provided scripts that contained frequency, capacity, and TX Power information.
Achieved target RSL levels that were within a -2dBm error margin.
Worked with Commissioning to bring new build and existing sites on air.
Provided customer support by going on truck rolls to customer residences troubleshooting Clearwire

modem issues.

Did some work at the local warehouse with inventory record keeping.

Trained new technicians coming into market.
CPP certified.

Switch Site Auditor, 04/2008 to 12/2008
Teksystems Bridge Networks- SPRINT – Charlotte Richmond Harrison Woburn, NC Norfolk NJ Walpole

Preformed switch audit on all connected equipment.
Provided daily progress updates, possible site completion time frames.

Responsible for locating and documenting all DSX1/DSX3/ODX bay positions along with
LEC/MANRING locations Inputting Relay Rack, patch panel, and port location of the equipment
associated with that switch.
Documented all OC3/OC12 information Motorola equipment documented T1 Aggregators, SPM, VPU,
MGX, DTC, and VM Nortel equipment documented (in possible addition to those listed above) CBRS,
SBS, DISCO Lucent equipment documented OIU, DNUS, DFI, VM, SM_DLTU, and T1 Aggr.
Juniper Noted if any equipment was not being used, connected/not connected, dangling fiber cables,
mislabeled NGF frames naming equipment locations Tied-down all equipment to a bay and documented

it???S cross-connection be it to a SDF/DS3/DS1 or equipment.
Interacted with switch techs.
Gathered all onsite information and asked questions about how a plan can be made to save the parent
company money on needless energy spending.

Cell Site Technician, 04/2007 to 12/2007

Teksystems/ Clearwire Wireless Broadband – Albany Syracuse Rochester, NY

Troubleshoot T-1's Maintain the system through standardized preventive maintenance procedures
Verify cell sanity Perform preventive maintenance tests Ensure all regulatory specs are followed
Test Microwave Links between sites Perform drive tests (cluster drives)
Verify channel allocation is correct Verify hand-off parameters are operating correctly,
Conduct new Installation turn-up Install new cell sites Install equipment at staging area test grounds
before turn up
Run limited tests on cell site
Surveyed service area with signal strength indicator
Coordinated the installation base station telco
Worked with Switch Technicians turning up and upgrading cell sites
Calibrate base station power levels and perform antenna sweep tests Coordinate and work with
construction team and contractors for cell site upgrades, installation and maintenance.

Drive Tester, 02/2007 to 03/2007

Glotel/Cingular Wireless – Indianapolis Toledo Detroit, IN OH MI


Tested for several different channel frequencies and their strengths from the surrounding towers

Drove pre-approved routes in the testing city
Worked closely with RF Engineers organizing data Drive Tester (Several markets in NC, VA, TX, FL and

Field Test Engineer, 11/2006 to 12/2006

Solutelia Inc Motorola/Alltel – Danville, VA

Collected Data using new EVDO Software/Andrews Invex 3G/CDMA.

Preformed SCFT testing.
Worked closely with RF Engineers analyzing data.

Tested for hard and soft handovers during cluster drives.

Went to each sector of the BTS and tested upload and download speeds.
Responsible for making sure that each cell tower was on new EV-DO network.
Surveyed area for possible future cell site tower locations in areas of poor coverage.

Cell site Technician, 09/2006 to 10/2006

Byers Engineering Inc/Sprint/Nextel – Laurel, MD

Collected site survey information.
Recorded cell site height, platform dimensions.

Provided client with any possible maintenance issues or damage to cell site compound/tower.

Drive Test Support Specialist, 03/2006 to 09/2006

True Position Inc – Berwyn, PA

Cingular/T-Mobile) Responsible for the drive testing and the initiation of the optimization of E-911

Travel to various markets to train drive testers.

Design test routes, test points, and test plans.
Provide support to drive testers, field engineers, and optimization engineers daily with their hardware,
software, and logistic issues.
Use MapInfo to plot routes, test points, sites, and problem areas.
Supervise drive testers locally and remotely.
Able to maintain multiple markets at one time.

Troubleshoot drive testing equipment (DTT- Drive Test Tool) and accuracy issues.

Gather and analyze location accuracy/E911 data (through the use of SCOUT, TEMS, and DTC-Drive Test
Compile accuracy packages after markets have been optimized and are ready to be turned over to the

Drive Test Technician, 01/2005 to 03/2005
Voice Stream – Oklahoma City, OK

Used TEMS Investigation for finding areas of high interference, dropped calls and poor coverage
Worked with RF Engineers analyzing data

Trained new employees on TEMS Investigation and locating areas of high interference

Performed System and Cluster drives in GSM system.

QC Test Engineer, 06/2004 to 07/2004

Nortel Networks PK Diversified – Sacramento, CA

As team leader administered supervision for Nortel cutover Test procedure to check for proper system
parameter setup for CDM network
Completed RF data collection for evaluation of the optimization call-success rate, call initialization failure
rate, and dropped call rate
Ran test on TRU and TRU3s using Pro Comm-Plus to check and monitor alarms and cabinet systems

Troubleshot, diagnosed and repaired problems with the NT800 to bring back to operational standards
Responsible for system integration and commissioning of URBAN and Macro Stations Executed test on
T1 transmission.

Drive Test Technician,

Market Data Collector, 05/2004 to 06/2004

Triton PCS – Knoxville, TN

Collected performance data from the major competitors in Triton PCS markets using the Ericsson TEMS
Benchmaker unit.

Performed cluster and system drives in GSM Network.


Underclassmen: Music Education in 2003

Winston Salem State University - Winston Salem, NC


Creative Problem Solving




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