• Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program Certificate
• Authorized Climber and Rescue Certificate • Level 1 Crane Rigging Certificate
• American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Card • Signalperson Certificate
• OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Card • Capstan Hoist Certificate
• Electrical & Electrical Metering Safety Certificate • CADWELD Certificate
• Fasteners, Torque, and Tension Certificate
Education and Training
Airstreams Renewables, Inc. 2018
Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program
Accelerated training on various aspects of electrical, mechanical and technical skills required to safely troubleshoot and
service renewable energy and communication tower equipment with an emphasis on safety.
United States Marine Corps Nov 2011 - May 2012
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Training
Various degrees of training including reading schematics, operating hydraulic test benches, manufacturing hydraulic and
pneumatic hoses and lines, electrostatic discharge, intermediate level publication reading and the importance of safety.
Coxsackie-Athens High School 2011
High School Diploma
Career History and Accomplishments
Beer Army Waiter/Bartender Dec 2016 – Dec 2017
• Worked on my ability to handle public relations by constantly improving my conversational skills and am able to
speak with a variety of people with an overall positive attitude.
• Ensured that the bar was always up to legal standards by monitoring for underage drinking by checking everyone’s
identification as well as making sure the bar was always stocked up to North Carolina standards.
• Ensured maximum profits and minimal loss by constantly supervising the work of others and never becoming
complacent in the work I was doing.
United States Marine Corps Supervisor May 2012 - July 2016
• Maintained three hydraulic test benches by performing and supervising daily and periodic maintenance which
indicated if they were within their operating limitations and operating under proper tolerances by using a variation of
box-end wrenches, strap wrenches, pliers, sockets and socket wrenches to check fluid level, electrical connections and
testing equipment.
• Supervised the work of over 20 employees, while also accounting for their training and safety.
• Procured training on a weekly basis consisting of up to 28 peers and seniors on how to properly handle the daily
expectations of a Hydraulic/Pneumatic mechanic when it comes to proper maintenance, maintaining good work center
production and always ensuring safety is the number one priority. As well as the responsibilities of a Collateral Duty
• Coordinated and controlled the accountability of over $2 million worth of equipment at overseas locations, ensuring
strict adherence to regulatory procedures and guidance by properly following the rules and regulations set by our
• Was a part of a Quick Reaction Force with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and held accountability of
everyone by maintaining radio communications and monitoring Unmanned Aerial Vehicle feeds.
• Maintained 100% accountability of all hydraulic gear and testing equipment at the component level with zero loss.
• Supervised the collection and return process of over $3 million worth of hydraulic gear and equipment maintaining
strict accountability and detailed adjustments to equipment records.
• Maintained proper HAZMAT regulations in accordance with the on-site HAZMAT station by constantly monitoring
updates and revisions to the Safety Data Sheet.
• Supervised and coordinated physical training to ensure my peers and subordinates maintained a healthy lifestyle.

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