With a very outgoing personality and fun to work with, In addition to my personality traits,
individually I am extremely determined, self-motivated, self-disciplined and have always sought a
successful career that would engage my interests and benefit the Companies growth. Being a
hardworking person with great work ethic and eager to be challenged, I have excellent teamwork
skills combined with the discipline to work extremely well on my own and with others if required.
With all of these valuable assets and with strong belief that would be a well suited candidate of
this dynamic and progressive industry where innovative hard work is rewarded.

If given the opportunity, I would like to provide my strong work ethic, excellent interpersonal
communication skills to your company displayed throughout my career. As you will see my resume
sets forth the required skills and qualifications you seek. Being welcomed the opportunity to meet
with you to discuss about requirements for the position you posted and to learn more about your
company would be greatly appreciated. Thank your consideration and time.

Brian Lawson

Last Resume Update July 23, 2014
Address United States of America
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