Electrical/Tower foreman

BTO Construction - Oviedo, FL -



Electrical/tower foreman

Vinco industries - Grand Prairie, TX -

2017-07 - 2017-11

Sprint t mobile verizon

Electrical/Tower foreman

All cell comunications - Dallas, TX -

2017-05 - 2017-06

Verizon site mods which include all required testing line and antenna modifications and. Dress in of site
including any ovps and raycaps and labeling of all required terminations as per specs. Pre and post pics and
clean up of site daily and record times for a four man crewand finally a daily report and what will be attempted
the following day.

PDM Technician

Conestoga energy - Levelland, TX -

2016-11 - 2017-05

Collection of data and analyzing the data to determine the proper course of action on all machines in plant.

Electrical/Tower Foreman

Atlantic Tower Services, Inc. - Denton, TX -

2015-10 - 2016-11

day to day planning and completion of Verizon and AT&T Projects.

Skills Used
Lead by example and Train Employees to install cell phone equipment and termination of equipment.

Electrical/tower Foreman

Clear blue services - Tempe, AZ -

2015-09 - 2015-10

Verizon small cell, at&t, sprint. From beginning to end including all testing and closeouts.

Completion in time with no punches.

Skills Used
Leadership and working side by side with my crew

electrical/tower forman

Motive Energy, Inc. - Phoenix, AZ -

2015-07 - 2015-09

Verizon/at&t line and antenna modifications as per sow Verizon was a lot of loops and aws 850 with RRH'S
and PvP and temination of connectors and electrical.
AT&T was a lot of 2, 3, and 5c upgrades which included all required testing installation of hybrid cables and
required antenna and squids with wire termination and labeling then post pics VPW and closeout packages

Electrical/tower foreman

CICUSA - Oxnard, CA -

2015-03 - 2015-06

Dragon wave, sprint oceans, verizon small cell, macro cells for Verizon stores.

Electrical/Tower foreman

SAC Wireless - Chicago, IL -

2014-12 - 2015-03

Verizon small cell, sprint oceans and 2.5, t-mobile.sweeps, pim, fiber and aat testing and tower and cabinet

Electrical Foreman

TSI Tower Services - Chandler, AZ -
2014-01 - 2014-11

Electrician and tower hand on new site builds from ground up on Verizon projects

I have improved the quality of work this company does and the crews I work with are pretty tight and we get
the job done under bid. Have also traveled most of the time to each site build and am use to out of town work.

Skills Used
leadership skills, day to day layout and work along side of all trades from foundation to stacking of towers. I also
have strong machanical and electrical background from welding to iron worker to electrician and tower hand.

Field Technician

Wireless werks - Redmond, WA -

2012-06 - 2013-12

Performing third party tower audits for AT&T all over the country. I averaged 6 towers a day up to 450 feet high.

was always top climber for company every week. There was a drive to 65 with a leaderboard showing every
climber position for the week and out of 16 teams My team was first every week. My team was the only team
that I was the climber and my team mate was the ground guy. Climbed 1200 towers in a one year period.

Skills Used
finding punches that needed to be fixed and taking azmuiths and downtilts on antennas and microwaves and
correcting as needed. Also did closeouts and sent in to main office daily.

Electrician/Tower hand

Delta Electric - Las Vegas, NV -

2011-06 - 2012-06

Tower construction and electrical construction on new site builds. was the on call electrician for verizon switch.
Also did the pim and repair sweeps as needed during the maintenance hours.

I was a team player that would help on any phase of the new site build and was use to working long hours
both day and night

Skills Used
able to solve problems effectively and was useful in every aspect of tower construction.


Texas Tech University - Lubbock, TX

1995 - 1998

Certification in Welding technology

American Welding Technology - Lubbock, TX

1994 - 1995

Certification in Communications/Wireman

USMC - Camp Pendleton, CA

1979 - 1983


Management training, leadership skills, osha 30, pure safety management certified, comtran competent
and rescue certified, first aide and cpr certified, Dragon wave Certified, electrical from underground to final
inspections.all pim and sweep gear. Fiber and ret control. Closeout packages for all carriers. Osha 30
strongest at verizon (ppc cert) and AT&T and T-Mobile. And sprint. I am also an L3 erriccson tech certified
and am very anal abo9ut the finished product.


Service Country: United States

Branch: usmc

Rank: e3

1979-07 - 1983-07

Field radio operator, teletype operator


Dragon wave certified, ceragon, rigging certificate, DOT certificate, ABC NEC code update, ABC grounding
and bonding. Aerial platforms, osha 30, first aide/cpr, comtran and gravitec rescue and competent climber,
Microsoft office/excel, pim and repair, fiber testing, sweeps, ret controller test, aat both sunsight and 3Z,
power plants linage and argus etc. Underground, generators, ats, service, disconnects, tranformer pads and
transformers, conduit etc.All Tower work and EAMS closeouts and AT&T Closeouts, Site surveys and pathing,
Antenna Mods, Wire terminations from raycaps to OVPs etc. AT&T end2end certification, ericcson L3 certified,
Verizon, AT&T, sprint full oceans builds, T-Mobile boom swaps adds and customer service with techs. Safety
oriented first

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