Certified Field Engineer, with over 4+ years of experience in BTS, NSB, COW and DAS. UMTS & LTE networks; Commissioning, Integrating, Installing and testing for all major Cellular Service Providers in compliance with OSHA


Field Technician

11/2012 – Present

Earthcom Telecommunications - DAS Technician (11/2016 – Present)

Versacom - RBS Installer/Integrator (01/2016 –10/2016)

GCB Services - Site Surveyor (10/2015 – 01/2016)

True Net Communication - RBS Installer/Integrator (10/2014 – 10/2015)

Spectrum Wireless - RBS Installer/Integrator (05/2013 – 10/2014)

Parsons - RBS Installer/Integrator (12/2012 – 05/2013)

DAS / Antennas, Radios, Splitters, Combiners, Wi-Fi equipment, etc. mounting. Coax, fiber, DC power and Cat5 pulling, structuring and termination. Termination for all JMA connections. Connection and cabling weatherproofing. Head end installation build and structuring. Anritsu PIM and sweep knowledgeable.

LTE / Install/Integrate/Commission/Migration/Troubleshoot DAS, NSB, BTS and COW sites. DUL/DUS 6000 Series A2, 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th Carriers, Manual/SL Integrations. LTE+AWS/ Measure exact Latitude and Longitude underneath the provider’s towers and rooftops with exact vertical height of antennas.

UMTS / Install/Integrate/Commission/Decommissioning/Troubleshoot DAS, NSB, BTS and COW sites. DUW 30 Integration 6601 1st-5th Carriers. 3106, 3206, 3518, 6601 series Manual/SL Integrations. Ran, tested, swept and terminated Coax, CAT5 and T’1s.

DUL, DUS scripting, GPS ice bridge installation, 6601 Manual/SL Integrations and XMU/XCU add for 3C/4C/5C Configuration. Cat5, Coax and Fiber cable sweeping, structuring, pulling, testing and termination.

AC/DC -48 power installation and testing.

Quality audit/Close out packages/Daily AMS tool report and photos, E911, ACT, SRS and TEMS call testing. MOP (Method of Procedure) proficient.


02/2006 – 10/2012


Ensured quality of package delivery which included strict compliance with safety regulations, policies and standards.

Operated a company vehicle to perform pick-up/delivery service for FedEx Office centers and for customers.

Pick-up duties included driving to the customer’s place of business (or a FedEx Office center), receiving orders or packages and picking up supplies and inventory items from vendor’s place of business.

Delivery duties included delivering finished orders or packages to customers (or a FedEx Office center) and distributing marketing materials as requested


Warren Easton Sr. High School


OSHA-10 Safety Certified

UMTS RBS Commissioning Certified L3
CBU to DUW Modernization Certified L3
LTE Commissioning Certified L3
Basic Installation RBS 3000 and 6000 Series L2
DUL to DUS Modernization Certified L3
Smart laptop LTE 1st thru 4th carrier Certified L3
DOT Certified

Last Resume Update January 8, 2017
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