Air Traffic Controller


Professional and Personal Values Offered

  • Over 10 years military experience as an Air Traffic Controller with specific expertise in coordinating the safe, orderly and expeditious flow of communications between personnel, agencies and aircraft
  • Highly trained in operating and managing multiple simultaneous and complex projects and programs
  • Superior technical skills to include operating computers, software programs and other computer peripherals
  • Extremely disciplined United States Army Staff Sergeant responsible for the development and advancement of enlisted personnel under my direct leadership
  • Quickly learns and assesses operations and initiates improvements in staffing, organization and procedures
  • Excellent written and verbal skills. Enjoys challenges and creative problem resolution. Maintains high integrity


Professional Experience 


Aviation Element Airspace Supervisor     02/2013 – 12/2013 

United States Army Ft. Bliss, TX

  • Supervised the daily duties and development of three subordinates directly
  • Responsible for the daily correspondence and synchronization between my section and the company planning office
  • Responsible for the accountability of over 1.5 million dollars of military and office equipment
  • Attended quarterly training for equal opportunity and sexual harassment policies and procedures
  • Well versed in United States Army training doctrine and policies




 Air Traffic Control Training Supervisor     02/2010 – 01/2013

United States Army Hohenfels, Germany, Hohenfels Army Airfield 


  • Supervised the duties and development of seven subordinates directly
  • Ensured facility operated according to military and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations
  • Separated and sequenced military and law enforcement aircraft, fire-rescue, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), foreign military and general aviation aircraft
  • Issued traffic and safety alerts to assorted aircraft operating outside of the local airspace, including traffic advisories, restrictions to flight, weather advisories and warning to aircraft operating within all areas of responsibility including live fire/ordinance ranges, drop zones (DZ), landing zones (LZ), limited use helipads (LUH) and UAS ranges via FM, UHF and VHF radio transmissions
  • Issued clearances and instructions to ensure effective movement of all aircraft and vehicles within all movement areas of the airport
  • Coordinated directly with Munich Center (CERAP) and Grafenwoehr Army Approach Control (ARAC) for airspace, transferring and receiving control, search and rescue (SAR), rapidly changing weather conditions and clearances for aircraft departing the local flying area
  • Provided flight following services as required to the fast moving military aircraft operating within the control area and off-post training areas under visual flight rules (VFR)
  • Coordinated and relayed information to adjacent facilities and other airports within the Hohenfels local flying area
  • Received, posted and relayed pertinent information to the all vital tower positions
  • Ensured personnel received on-the-job training (OJT)
  • Conducted assessments of training through the administration of controller evaluations.
  • Supervised and conducted classroom and self-study training
  • Developed local course material, training aids and control scenarios to supplement and enhance the Facility Training Program (FTP)
  • Evaluated and analyzed the capabilities and progress of Air Traffic Control personnel.
  • Administered biennial written exams and conducted skills evaluation
  • Supervised the training of military and civilian controllers progressing through the facility training plan (FTP)
  • Committee member to rewrite local flying rules, airfield standard operating procedures (SOP) and the airfield pre-accident plan
  • Licensed on Tower Local Controller, Tower Ground Controller, and Tower Flight Data Controller positions


Airspace Command and Control Supervisor         10/2007 – 12/2009

 United States Army Ft. Campbell, KY/Deployed to Afghanistan


  • Coordinated and synchronized the management of airspace between the higher command authority and four subordinate companies
  • Responsible for the scheduling and coordination of executive aircraft flights for all executive officers
  • Ensured the coordination of diplomatic clearances were complete between the host country and destination countries were complete and accurate to minimize any travel delay
  • Carried out military operations and duties as assigned in accordance with Operation Enduring Freedom, to include: security guard and checkpoints, maintained weapons qualification on M16/M4 assault rifles, and trained in basic combat first aid


Air Traffic Control Facility Chief                        11/2004 – 09/2007

United States Army Troy, AL Troy Municipal Airport


  • Served as Tower Facility Chief, Tower Controller Shift Leader (SL), Tower Controller in Charge (CIC), Training Supervisor, Ground Control Approach (GCA) Facility Chief, GCA Shift Leader (SL), and GCA Controller in Charge (CIC)
  • Ensured facility operated according to military and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations
  • Conducted simultaneous arrivals and departures to runways, crossing runways, multiple landing pads, and parallel taxiway
  • Issued traffic and safety alerts, clearance and instructions to ensure effective movement of all aircraft and vehicles within all movement area of the airport via FM, UHF and VHF radio frequencies
  • Separated and sequenced military and general instrument flight rules (IFR), visual flight rules (VFR) and special visual flight rules (SVFR) aircraft operating in the Class D airspace
  • Developed and maintained the Facility Training Program (FTP) and Facility Training Manual (FTM)
  • Ensured operational readiness of facility equipment and associated navigational aids (NAVAIDS)
  • Conducted the testing and practical evaluation for the position qualification of trainees
  • Assigned and directed all phases of subordinates work
  • Supervised and conducted classroom and self-study training
  • Maintained facility training records
  • Conducted position qualification evaluations
  • Coordinated directly with Cairns Army Radar Approach Control for the transferring and receiving control.
  • Provided separation between aircraft using radar and non-radar procedures
  • Utilized Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) to provide Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Non-directional Beacon (NDB) approaches
  • Utilized Precision Approach Radar (PAR) PPI displayed azimuth/elevation data to control aircraft to touchdown
  • Established and maintained positive radar identification of aircraft
  • Maintained the facility duty schedule
  • Maintained custodial control of all facility forms, records and publications



Education &Training

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona, FL, Professional Aeronautics, 79 semester hours, Major Study in Professional Aeronautics
  • Completed the System Atlanta ACE-IDS 5 training workshop, 2012
  • Graduate of the Army Air Traffic Control Senior Leader’s Course, 2011
  • Control Tower Operator (CTO) rated Hohenfels Tower, Hohenfels, Germany, Certificate number 3175257, Issued August 26, 2010
  • Proficient on Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS), Enhanced Terminal Voice Switch (ETVS), Digital Audio Legal Recorder (DALR), Digital Voice Recording System (DVRS), New Tactical Forecast System (NTFS), Standard Air Force Airfield Weather Sensors (AN/FMQ-19), Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS), Joint Environmental Toolkit (JET), 2010
  • Graduate of the Army Air Traffic Control Advanced Leader’s Course, 2009
  • Graduate of the Army Primary Leadership Development Course, 2005
  • United States Army Advanced Individual Training, Ft. Rucker, AL, 93C/15Q Air Traffic Control Graduate 2003
  • United States Army Basic Combat Training, Ft. Jackson, SC Graduate 2003
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