RF Transmissions Systems Craftsman

Oversaw, established and maintained circuits; configured/managed system and network connectivity. Performed/supervised wireless radio and satellite systems and equipment maintenance. Oversaw work in progress and reviewed completed repairs for sound maintenance practices. Established requirements for maintenance equipment, support equipment, tools and spare parts. Identified maintenance problem areas and recommended corrective action. Developed and enforced safety standards for ground RF system maintenance activities.  Installed, maintained, reconstituted, removed and modified copper core, coaxial, and antenna systems. Set up and maintained dedicated local area and wide area network media distribution systems. Set up, removed, relocated, modified, deployed and maintained air traffic control ground-to-air radio systems. Supervised airfield systems maintenance activities.

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US Air Force
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Mountain Home AFB, ID March 06 - July 14
Chief of Quality Assurance / Non Commissioned Officer in Charge - RF Transmission Systems Craftsman/Unit Deployment Manager / Unit Training Manager / Unit Safety Manager
366th Communications Squadron
Performed quality assurance, managerial, personnel and equipment evaluations for 124 personnel 616 communications systems valued at $35M. Managed mission capabilities through validating training and enforcing maintenance and repair practices. Provided trend analysis and deficiency reporting on maintenance, support and training effectiveness. Directed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and time compliance technical order modifications on portable radios to include the PRC-113, PRC-117, PRC-148, PRC-152, and URC-200. Oversaw all matters pertaining to frequency management to include frequency requests, allocation, de-confliction and deactivation. Supervised four work centers, 36 maintenance personnel during daily operations and maintenance of the Giant Voice mass notification system, public address installations, 13 satellite terminals, three computer networks and 498 radios supporting 242 operators.
Performance Results:
• Engineered Battlefield Operations Support System install; enabled weapons targeting /air combat simulations
• Completed 24 equipment evaluations; exceeded standards while 40% manned; safeguarded $3.8B F-15 fleet
• Managed personnel evals; validated 465 tasks/12 workcenter programs; 31 Airmen earned skill level upgrade
• Directed $1.9M satellite terminal upgrade; reduced overhead by 50%; saved the Air Force $330k annually
• Planned/led six combat exercises, validated wing ops by training two teams/16 personnel; secured squadron “excellent” rating
• Launched Management Internal Control Tool database, created 112 accounts/self-assessment scheduled; surpassed base standard
• Coordinated aerial battleground damage assessment, provided imagery/coordinates for three microwave towers; facilitated communications, command and control restoration
• Revitalized squadron safety program, assessed safety posture/corrected issues/provided training; zero discrepancies during base level inspection
• Led $108K Giant Voice expansion, completed upgrade/installation; ensured safety for $9.7K population
• Configured transceivers & antennas for $1.3M / 404 member exercise, enabled joint close air support operations for 261 flying missions and 520 ground air controllers
• Drove International Security Assistance Force network crypto change, re-routed 18 network routes supporting four task forces; eliminated single point of failure
• Identified faulty satellite link terminal at Forward Operating Base, repaired control unit/re-imaged terminal; restored network access
• Tackled frequency hopping beacon outage, re-synced module; restored electronic counter measures to F-15s
• Reconstructed two battle damaged District communications centers; restored connectivity to 80K Afghans

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Mannheim Army Installation, Germany March 2003 - March 2006
Ground Radio Communications Craftsman
4th Air Support Operations Squadron
Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and time compliance technical order modifications on 34 mobile communications suites, 56 global positioning receivers and 63 associated portable radios to include the PRC-113, PRC-117, PRC-148, PRC-158 and URC-200 in support of European commands only Air Support Operations Center
Performance Results:
• Drafted maintenance plan, adjusted for 200% equipment increase; eliminated the need to increase man power
• Installed four long range communications repeaters; increased line of sight in Afghanistan from 32% to 100%
• Identified/Ordered/Replaced eight defective radio frequency switches; saved Air Force over $200K in repairs
• Configured four remote transfer units across Europe, enabled TACP to control air space remotely via phone
• Installed five Humvee hardtops, provided protection against elements; guaranteed 100% equipment reliability

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, January 1994 - August 2003
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
72nd Communications Squadron, Ground Radio Communications Journeyman
Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) communications systems to include transmitters, receivers, transceivers, two way radios, land mobile radios, radio repeaters, enhanced terminal voice switch (ETVS), radio keying, antennas and antenna couplers. Managed $1.5M in Air Traffic Control (ATC) resources.
Performance Results:
• Performed 102 maintenance inspections on air traffic control systems; delivered a 99.6% up time rate
• Troubleshot attenuation panels, radios, couplers and recorders to component level; saved $24k in supply costs
• Led critical lightning and surge protection equipment install; ensured protection of $1.5M ATC assets
Howard AFB, Panama
24th Communications Squadron, Ground Radio Communications Journeyman
• Deployed Scope Shield II equipment in support of search and rescue missions; cited as text book perfect
• Isolated UHF interconnect issue causing many DC-DC converter failures; recovered Command Post Comm
Eglin AFB, Florida
728th Air Control Squadron, Ground Radio Communications Journeyman
• Repaired High Frequency transceiver, replaced directional coupler; restored vital command/control comm
• Utilizing shop stock, overhauled four HF antenna masts; eliminated critical downtime, saved Air Force $12K
• Remoted HF Comm Van into Job Control; provided reliable comms for home station & deployed personnel


Community College of the Air Force
Electronic Systems Technology
Air Force Education and Training Command
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

Develop joint and coalition senior enlisted leaders to influence mission success in dynamic service environments.

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