xxx-xxx-xxxx AHR Aviation San Antonio, TX
Avionic Technician/ 40 hrs+ week
Avionic technician tasked to install in-flight electronics, mainly Garmin products, on various airframes such as Cessna, Cirrus, Beechcraft, Pilatus airplanes as well as Bell Helicopters. All install/modifications consisted of both electrical and sheetmetal fabrications on all aircraft.

May 2010-Aug 2011 Computer Science Corporation Temple, TX
AH-64D RESET Mechanic/ 40 hrs+ week
AH-64D Mechanic for RESET program in Temple, TX. Assigned to different areas of the aircraft and ensuring the removal, inspection, disposal, and replacement/ reinstallation of all parts in area comply with RESET SOP and Army standards. Proficient in performing mechanic level maintenance as well as sheetmetal, electrical, HVAC, hydrauilic and pnuematic maintenance to the aircraft. Other duties as a Mechanic consisted of assisting the GSE (Ground Service Equiptment) personnel in the operation and maintenance of compressors and waste water management. Familiar with forms and records associated with RESET program and computer programs used to research tasks to include fault procedures, parts, inspection criteria, and torques. Uses ULLS-A and ULLS-A/Supply on a daily basis and familiar with company SOP and standards.

July 2008- July 2009 Leed Corporate Services (Goodrich Corp) Balad, Iraq
CH-47 IVHMS Field Service Rep/ 84 hrs + week
Responsible for providing expertese knowledge of the IVHMS system for the 2/249th TX/OK National Guard. Displayed effective communication, presentation and interpersonal skills while working closely and establishing excellent rapport with PC (NCOIC and OIC) and BAMO as well as Test pilots, Flight Engineers, and Mechanics making sure they receive the correct information. Plotted many track and balances and accrued many flight hours on the CH-47 for Maintenance Test Pilots and assured that the aircraft was Fully Mission Capable. Worked with Army and Contractor phase teams to ensure proper steps were taken when conducting inspections and while utilizing the IVHMS system for tracking and monitoring certain aircraft functions ensuring long life for the airframe and systems. Continually developed and sharpened motivational skills and demonstrated ability to meet or exceed performance standards. During deployment assisted the 1/137th Pennsylvania National Guard with their UH-60 helicopters that had IVHMS installed. Assisted the 1/137th in understanding how IVHMS functioned on their helicopters and, as a result, they were able to continue their deployment without requesting any additional IVHMS CLS support. Served as the company IT support Specialist responsible for setting up VSAT’s and its entire network in a field environment. Ensured all network systems functioned properly and troubleshot and repaired systems and components when necessary. Proficient in all Microsoft Office tools and generated Power Point slide presentations that were briefed to CH-47 Cargo PM office personnel, Goodrich Corporation personnel, and the Army officials. Handled Logistics for the site during entire deployment.

Oct 2002-July 2008 DynCorp International Killeen, TX
Aircraft Mechanic/Electrician/ 40+ hrs week
Expert knowledge in aviation electronics, systems and subsystems on AH-64A/D, UH-60A/L, CH-47C/D, and OH-58D. Essential team member during RESET for the AH-64A/D, UH-60A/L/M, and OH-58D due to knowledge of company procedures and Army systems such as ULLS-A, SCP-6 and DA PAM 738-751. Conducted phase maintenance on OH-58D and AH-64A/D. Performed tests, maintenance operational checks, troubleshooting procedures, fault isolation procedures, and modifications to manufacturer’s specifications. Proficient in the boresighting of the AH-64A and D helicopters utilizing Captive Boresighting Harmonization Kit (CBHK).
Demonstrated excellent technical writing, oral communication, and interpersonal skills as well as ability to work within a collaborative environment.
Phase/RESET Team Member with a wide range of aviation experience consisting of removal and installation of engines, rotors, transmissions, flight controls, fuel cells, stabilizers, and landing gear. Performed numerous weight and balance, flight control rigging, blade phasing, and rotor track and balance. Operated forklifts during port trips. Operated forklifts from 4k to 60k.

2002 Kelley Services (Lockheed Martin) Killeen, TX
Cable/Harness Technician- TADS/PNVS Program Killeen SRA/ 40 hrs week
The lead PNVS Turret W10 Harness Technician. Assisted in the supervision and coordination of the workload.
Tests PNVS Turret Harness assembly, utilizing DIT-MCO 9500 Test System. Performs troubleshooting and repair/rebuild of the harness, IAW Lockheed Martin proprietary engineering specifications, with the use of various wiring schematics and run lists.
Performs electrical rework on various TADS assemblies as required such as: Gyros, Circuit cards and Cameras. This requires soldering on multi-layer boards and surface mount assemblies.

xxx-xxx-xxxx United States Army Ft Hood, TX
AH-64A Armament/Electrical Systems Repairman- MOS 68X/ 40+ hrs week
Major duties included supervising, inspecting, and performing aviation unit maintenance on the AH-64A armament, electrical and avionics systems, to include the electrical, electronic, mechanical, and pneudraulic systems associated with AH-64A missile/fire control systems (TADS/PNVS).
Diagnosed, troubleshot, and repaired the AH-64A armament, electrical and avionics systems and components including solid state and transistorized subsystems according to pertinent technical manuals, directives and safety procedures.
Performed maintenance, authorized modifications and alignment of the aircraft weapons components, fire control units, TADS/PNVS, electronic and mechanical devices. Troubleshot equipment wiring harnesses using technical manuals and schematic drawings to diagnose and isolate faults and effect repairs.
As an NCO, served as an instructor during sergeants time training in a classroom and field environment. Trained soldiers on various tasks ranging from basic Army skills, medical skills, and survival skills.

xxx-xxx-xxxx United States Navy Charleston, SC
Gunners Mate (GUNS) Petty Officer/ 40+ hrs week
Served as the Ship’s Armorer fromxxx-xxx-xxxx and was responsible for the control, cleanliness, and maintenance of all weapons.
Planned, conducted and supervised weapons qualification of all sailors and officers onboard ship.
Operated various forklifts moving anything from 1000lb bombs to rockets, to small arms and army howitzer ammunition within the skin of the ship, including the flight deck, during replenishments at sea or in port safely and effectively without any accidents or injury. Forkilft troubleshooting knowledge was required to operate trucks as well as a security clearance. Operated forklifts from 4k to 60k.

U.S. Naval Gunnery School xxx-xxx-xxxx
U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School (68X course) xxx-xxx-xxxx
U.S. Army Primary Leadership Development Course 2000
University of Phoenix- Information Technology/Support 2009

Military and Civilian certifications and training in:
Hand solder IPC/EIA J-STD-001c Multimeter operation FLIR Gen I and II
MSDS Oscilloscope operation TADS/PNVS
PPE & HAZMAT ESD Sensitive Devices LVL 2 Laser Safety
Bonding & Adhesive orque Wrenches Synchros/Servos
Connector Clean Mate/Demate Weigh, Measure and Mix Logistics

*References available upon request*

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