*Reliable, Responsible, Always on Time, Eager to Learn
Pim (3 years) ANRITSU (5 years),
ATC (4 years), COAX (10 years),
RIGGING (12 Years)
VERIZON (8 years),
AT&T Cellular) 10 years
Tower Troubleshooting, Site Build, and Upgrade. (9 years)
Licensed 2006

Install LTE equipment, install RET systems, install BTS equipment, ran lines, mounted booms, antennas, jumpers, built ice bridges maintenance, troubleshooting, overnight cutovers, and decom. Install lines and antennas with TMA's. Install jumpers inside shelter. Maintained GSM and UMTS systems, replaced diplexer and MHA's, troubleshoot and repair tower light systems. Maintain Microwave systems and path alignment, and fabricated antenna boom gates. I always kept every job site clean and completed my job duties in a timely manner.

*I've been licensed for tower climbing, safety, and rescue for the last 12 years.
*I've experienced guyed towers, mono poles, water tanks, Roof Top, and I have
also closed out many site on several jobs.
*I have experience with UMTS and LTE, Tower Survey and Microwave.
*Tiger Team experience and interested traveling still.

Comtrain Certified Tower Climbing Rescue and Safety- Good 2020
First Aid/CPR Certified- 2020
RF Awareness Certification-2020
Safety Plus Rigging and Signalman Training
OSHA 10 & 30
Pim (3 years) ANRITSU (5 years),
ATC (4 years), COAX (10 years),
RIGGING (12 Years)
VERIZON (8 years),AT&T Cellular) 10 years
Tower Troubleshooting, Site Build, and Upgrade. (9 years

At&T Temp Contract Build Out
02/06/2018 -05/11/2018
4c,5c And 6c Site Build
Ericsson and Nokia Troubleshooting Also

(Scarlet Wireless)
Foreman 07/10/2016- 11/15/2017
Integrating Sprint Network
Sprints Upgrade NTP Change Out Tiger Team
2 Man Crew Only

(X-Cell Wireless)Construction Manager 10/07/2015-06/20/2016) Only 6 Months At&t 2c,3c4c Texas
I Was able to adapt quickly to my new environments and provide stability to a team. I have completed many job sites in great standings as Foreman and Tower Tech Lead in Telecommunication Industry for Cellular Towers. Very motivated, versatile, and highly intelligent with an impressive array of skills. Work well under pressure with outstanding communication and training skills.My conduct carries beyond professionally representing myself as I have developed a team mentality.

(Tec Innovation TeleCom) 04/12/2014-09/05/2015
Construction Manager
Performed tower construction activities such as beef ups and more
Worked on AT&T-LTE-UTMS Antennas
Troubleshoot Fiber and RF on AT&T-LTE radio
Installed Sprint 2.5 radio and antenna
Installed Sprint Microwaves, and path microwaves
Changed out Diplexers, TMA, Radios, and Antennas for AT&T cellular sites
Responsible for projects in 3 states, managed 5 crews and half million dollars of inventory. Supported Sprint and Verizon for AT&T LTE upgrades
Disassembled defective electrical equipment, replace defective or worn parts, reassemble equipment.
Worked on Commercial and Residential Tower Sites

SRX Telecom 02/08/2013-03/17/2014
Closed over 30 sites for Verizon covering 4 states. Often closed sites from top to bottom in 3 days or less. Read site blueprints, installs LTE equipment, BTS, ran plines, mounted booms, antennas and jumpers. Built ice bridges, maintained GMS and UMTS units. Performed trouble shooting and repaired tower light systems, replaced diplexer and MHAs. & Gps System.

Work Experience:
Foreman/Lead Tech/Top Hand
Westower Communications, LA (Temp Position) 2/11/2011 - 10/12/2012
Some job duties included working on the 4G Install, Fiber cable, testing, putting up squids, installing RRU's, as well as LNA work.

(Top Hand/ LEAD Tech)PDS Tech, Contracting through General Dynamics

08/12-2008 -11/2010
Installed Connectors on 1/2, 7/8, 1 5/8, installed grounds, installed hoisting grips. Support coax every 3-4ft., route coax to Antennas, so they are not obstructing climbing paths. Assembly and install cell antennas, installed FM antennas, assembly and install mounts, stack hard line, install gates for hard line, tuned FM antennas. Changed guyed wires and installed insulators for guyed wires, updated towers, operated cathead and winch, rig any tower at any height.

Personal Retail Store Business, 2008 - Loadem UP ENT LLC
Owner of my own music recording business Also
I Have someone who runs this for me. If I cannot find
work in Tower business I work here as well.

Blue Construction)- Top Hand Lead July/2006 - June/2008
(Skipper Guil)
First Telecom Job was to paint tower an be the top hand. I work on over 38 paint jobs before routing coax to antennas. In charge of stacking hard lines and support coax every 3-4ft. Operated cathead and winch and Rigging any tower at any height.

SunQuest Properties (2005) Maintenance Man


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