-Career Focus-
Self contractor for (U.S.D.A HOMEGROWN FOODS) *100% commission*

As a self contracted salesman i would go door to door providing and selling USDA choice
meat. Pay was 100% commission. I have 6 months experience with sales and costumer
service with everyday people at their house where costumers are in control.

-Duties Included-

Pick up meat at 9AM

call costumers and make deliveries

sell until dark (door to door)

return truck and meat and turn in

restock all product that did not sale that day

-Construction / Landscaping Foreman-
(Kasey Construction)
As a landscape foreman i supervised and complete landscaping projects, as well as routine
maintenance jobs.
-Duties Included-
I managed the creation of landscape features, such as flowerbeds, or supervise the
installation of water features, such as ornamental ponds, waterfalls and fountains for
company like wal-mart and best buy. On a weekly basis, My crew and i perform lawn
maintenance. As foreman my primary function is to be supervisory or work alongside my
crew to complete projects and see the job is done correctly and to the clients satisfaction.

-ROUSTABOUT (KT, Tee Bench)-
As a Roustabout my position held the responsibility for supporting oilfield operations and
diverse and job duties that varied on a daily basis. Safely working in a potentially hazardous

-Duties Included-
Secure equipment and safely transport according to company policy and DOT regulations

Install and make repairs to oil and produced water tanks, including confined space entry

Dig pits and lines

Install and repairs motors on equipment

Operate high pressure power washing equipment

Install and repairs piping, valves, pumps, motors

Install and repair pipelines

Repair dikes, perform general ground work around well sites

Perform access road upkeep and maintenance

Clean up oil spills and general clean up

Must be proficient with hand and power tools as well as heavy equipment

Repair and insulate production Equipment.

Flowback and Relief Pumping as needed.

Some completion and turn on work.

-LEASE OPERATOR (Traingle Petroleum)-
-Duties Included-
Maintainting constent oil production

Service 8 sites and 20 wells

On call 24 hours

Drive from location to location daily

Work in hazardous conditions

Relay information to my supervisor daily

Enter data for daily oil production

Pick up miterial for the required job

Courses Completed are: OSHA 10 / H2S / CPR/ PEC

-Duties Included-
- Climbing 150 foot building repeatedly daily.

- Working on a ladder suspeded from hooks to intall and climb building.

- Maintaing 100% tie off at all times while above 4 foot.

- Train new climbers how to climb/fall pertection and proper use of ladder.

- Train new climbers how to intall with a fast,safe and effcient system.

-Help those needing a hand in procarious situations to make job easyer for the team.

-Finish deadlines in time.

-cordinate daily to job super on the production of the day and what has been completed.

-Make sure my team of climbers are maintaing proper prosuders while up in the building.
-Summary of Skills-


-Operating heavy machinery

-Computer & data entering

-Work ethic

-work at various hights

-Ability to adapt to adverse situations

-Care of company property

-Work in all weather conditions

-Reports faults or discrepancy's to management

-Filling out JSA and quality inspection sheets

-Cleanliness of work environment

-Integrity to do the right thing when no one is around

2012 Westview Portland, OR

High School Diploma

Last Resume Update October 17, 2017
Address Bellevue
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