08-2017-Present ARQ Wireless Foreman/Integrator T-Mobile

Install Delta sector on towers, RRU, antennas, build all mods down at BTS or shelter, run all coax power and fiber to units. Pushed software and integrated systems through BTS manager. Responsible for a 4-man crew, did the COP, photos, anything associated with an open ticket. Did full sector builds with T-Mobile alpha, beta, gamma, and delta for adding 2100 equipment. Was also responsible for doing Verizon builds through Ericsson. Sweep, Pim, and maintenance for 1 year.

1-2017-08-2017 Prime Communications DAS Lead-Foreman Technician

Installing RRU, and antennas, terminating and testing coax, running coax, running fiber, testing fiber, splicing fiber, reading construction drawings, filling out the BOM, doing the COP, leading a crew of 3-4 other techs, PIM, and sweep lines, working closely with customer to ensure proper installation. Everything that is involved with small cell site installation.

06-2015-08-2016 Ericsson Field Service Operations Tower Technician II

Climbing towers, PIM-Sweep, install RRU and RRH, test and replace fiber, build and replace coax and coax jumpers, OSHA 10 HR cert., Aniritsu-cert, DOT current, RF -awareness completed, First-Aid CPR certified, rigging, tagging building rooftop sites. Working inside the RBS, replacing modems, fiber general trouble-shooting. All certifications. TMO Buildout Install Level 1 and C& I Level 3 Integrator

08-2014-06-2015 Charter Communications

Service Technician: Working with RF, making fittings for coax RG-6, RG-11, working on aerial taps, gaffing, climbing, running ingress, and egress, using meters to determine RF levels.


03-2008-11-2013 William Language School: Taipei Taiwan

English Teacher: Performed duties related to teaching ESl to Taiwanese Students. Grading, speaking, writing, all aspects of teaching in a classroom setting.


11-2004-6-2006 American Tower Corporation Boston, MA

Field Service Operations Tower Technician 2: Succeeded in re-installing of beacon lights on towers to modern computerized beacon systems. Climbing in excess of 1000 feet, and working in harsh environments. ATT towers T-Mobile, Sprint, RF, coax repairing microwaves installing microwaves. PIM testing, sweep testing, rigging, and running fiber optic cable. Climbing guide towers, monopoles, water tower

OSHA 10 hour certified. First AID, and CPR.


03-2003-06-2004 Suzlon Wind Farms Pennsylvania, PA

Field Service Operations Tower Technician 1: Temporary: Succeeded in retro-fitting hatch doors on wind turbines. Climbing wind turbines, working in harsh environments, attention to detail, physical demanding hours, travelling 80% of the time. Climbing in excess of 400 feet, OSHA certified.

OSHA 10 hour certified. First aid, and CPR



Bachelor of Art: Liberal Arts

Alma Mater: Missouri Valley College

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