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Negotiation Strategic Planning Site Development

Workflow Process Analysis Client/ Staff Training Change Management

Professional Experience

Hy Tell Communications Inc. New City, NY Project Manager/Owner 2000 – 4/14

Supervised project crews, encouraged motivation to crews to achieving goals. Communicated with clients and project teams. Regularly scheduled project meetings. Ensured all procedures are followed including technical standards, QA/QC procedures, project closeouts. Coordinated with corporate and divisional staff. Assisted with marketing and client maintenance. Assisted with staff recruitment, provided input on employees, evaluations and peer reviews, and conducted employee evaluations. Completed account management including accounts receivables and work in progress as well as project closeouts. Budget forms, backlog projections, resource loading. Preformed AT&T/ Bechtel LTE site audits.

J.A. Lee NY/NJ/PA Project Manager 4/13- 9/13

Generating bid proposals, creating SOW, pricing matrix. Forecasting for material procurement (site related build materials). Maintaining CM relations to assure scheduling is met. Responsible for bid walks, Red lining CD’s and RFDS. Ordering materials & Scheduling RF crews, Customer meetings. Hiring Human resources. Filing for building & electrical permits, change of contractor & closing out packages. Submit RF close out packages. Approving time sheets. Training RF crews Installation of LTE 700 MHz and 2100 MHz RRH, new antennas, fiber optics & power, fiber testing, sweep testing, PIM testing, Bid walks, decommissioning MCPA’s.
Trained office staff how to do close outs. Held daily meetings with owners.

Contract AIM Technical Consultants: Remote from New York Project manager 7/12 – 10/12

Assisting with Chicago NSN/ T-Mobile site audits training auditors on variable types of equipment with Siterra, creating trackers & AT&T Nashville, TN UMTS 3rd and 2nd carrier adds. ordering materials adds ran and trained 3 crews for installing Telect, Connectors LDF4- 50A coax, Sweep testing, RXAIT, I FIF racks Hiring employees Decommissioning of old power plans, Batteries

3s Network Inc. Operations Manager New Jersey 4/12 -7/12

My duties consist of scheduling, coordinate access to T-Mobile/ Ericson cell sites for LTE integration and TMA’s installs. Close out packages in site handler. Hiring employees, ordering materials, test equipment, Climbing gear, safety coordinating, ordering Cranes & Meetings with the customer.

Contract AIM Technical Consultants: Remote from New York Site Quality Assurance Project Manager for all of New England 6/11 – 9/11

My duties consist of scheduling, coordinate access to AT&T cell sites, reviewing QA site survey’s packages consisting of pictures & QA data template paperwork , updating tracker, holding daily status meeting with crew members covering Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut & Rode Island. Gave my manager daily run rates of sites completed and remaining sites. Project was forecasted for 6 months finished 3 months.

Contract AT&T Mobility/ Ericsson: Mililani H.I.CNR Transport Manager for all of the Hawaiian islands 3/11 – 5/11

Ordered and updated tracker status of T1’s circuits was delivered by Hawaiiantel to the cell sites. Managed Technician’s to extend and test T1’s. Managed and updated trackers of Microwave to the cell sites. Dealt with data fill for IP addresses for IDU’s and ODU’s. Held meetings with team members. Site walks with contractors to go over ALU Microwave installs. Filled out CTS to dispatch techs to trouble tickets. Worked with Granite to do a two way match of field tracker.

Contract AIM Technical Consultants AT&T Mobility. Morristown N.J.LTE New York & New Jersey Market Project Manager 12/10 – 3/11

Interface with the various markets (implementation group, transport group, RF group, C&E group, finance group) to discuss the progress and issues with market LTE deployment. Ensure RF designs is progressing per schedule, issuance. Familiar with a few of the functional group (C&E, transport, RF, core, Finance) ensure RF design is progressing per schedule, issuance of RFDS per national guidelines and on time and liaison between the market HQ IPMO to provide regular updates on RF design progress issues. Work with the C&E group to ensure LTE deployment to meet timelines, ensure project milestones in NAM, CASPR, iPlan & Granite are updated, monitor progress for local C&E and identify issues and mitigation plans to provide regular communications with National C&E. Interact with Regional CORE/RDC team to ensure core build-out is on schedule and manage/track PE router connectivity to CBB and CE router connectivity between MSN and RNC. Work with ETTCS team to ensure the LTE POR and ETTCS POR are align, identify and report transport issues to regional ETTCS/transport PM.

Wireless Facilities Inc. Lebanon, NJ Installation and Maintenance Manager 5/08 – 9/08

Management the national maintenance contract supporting AT&T Local Service Broadband Wireless Legacy microwave radio facilities. Dispatched contractors when internal resources were unavailable in order to meet four hour mean time to repair (MTTR) Provided remote technical support and monitored equipment. Dialup or telnet into equipment remotely to check Performance Monitors and provide software loopbacks to test with technicians and AT&T NOC. Installed DSO, DS1, DS3 and OC3 circuits via Broadband Wireless Microwave radio facilities for AT&T. Provisioned and maintained channel service units, digital service units, multiplexers and modems to customer premises equipment and provisioned circuits for turn-up. Maintained, tested and updated firmware of AT&T national and Disaster Recovery equipment cache. Serviced, troubleshot and repaired Broadband Wireless Microwave facilities for AT&T. Composed and approved daily work quotes and proposals to senior management. Conducted and prepared Preliminary Site Survey reports to verify line of site between locations and of equipment installation. Conducted and Preliminary Site Survey Detailed Site Survey reports once the AT&T Project Manager sings off on the Preliminary site survey to determine the riser run for the cabling, equipment installation, power requirements and any additional information required that is pertinent to the installation. Managed RFP for sub-contractors on AT&T projects. Composed detailed scope of work drawings, obtained certificate of insurance required by the property owner and approved As builds to summit to AT&T Project Manager, Installed and maintained -48VDC rectifiers, power plants and battery back – ups. Preformed monthly environmental reports for battery condition.

Pro Tech Solutions Dallas, TX / New City, NY Senior Microwave Field Engineer 6/07- 5/08

Management of field operations in New York City and New Jersey markets for AT&T broadband wireless and Ceragon networks. Responsible for daily work quotes and proposals. Managed contractors and sub-contractors for AT&T broadband wireless trouble tickets. Conducted and prepared detailed site survey reports for point to point microwave systems. Conducted and prepared detailed site survey reports for approved preliminary site survey's to determine the installation of equipment, materials, permits, leasing information, and any other miscellaneous information required prior to the installation taking place. Provide AT&T customer with MUX, DS1, T3's, DS3, and OC3 service via Microwave Configure and install multiplexer panels and DSX panels to equipment. Service, troubleshoot, and repair equipment (preventive Maintenance.) Assembled LMR 400.

Conducted bid walk, Preliminary Site Survey’s, Detail Site Survey’s Manage contractors and sub-contractors on AT&T, broadband wireless trouble tickets. Conducted and prepared preliminary site survey reports for point to point microwave systems. Conducted, prepared detailed site survey reports for approved preliminary site survey's, to determine the installation of equipment, materials, permits leasing information, and any other miscellaneous information required prior to installation taking place. Troubleshoot and repair equipment. Preventive maintenance. Assembled LMR 400,

Bechtel Fairlawn, NJ Cell Site UMTS Field Coordinator 2/06 – 6/07

Traveling independently between cell sites in my region. Participated in site audits. Evaluated, made recommendations on site selection process. Conducted site walks of sites. Documented details of existing equipment and conditions in support of collocation or site modifications. Conducted construction process as requested. Tracked and observed construction activities, and approved subcontractor. Provided evaluations on subcontractor performance, resource capabilities workmanship and safety performance. Prepared daily activity reports, supported preparation of cell site turnover packages, and prepared completion turnover punch list. Responsible for progress reviews in meetings with subcontractors. Coordinated design changes with residents, engineers and reviews redline as built. Ordered materials (BOM’s)

Contract Glotel/ T-Mobile - Wayne, NJ Field Operations 3/05 – 12/05

Independently, traveling between cell sites in my region. Maintaining the wireless networks operation that facilities the wireless technology. Tested, adjusted and troubleshoot routine systems. Enhanced, expand and up- graded existing network cell sites. I routinely communicated with the network operators and engineering, switch technicians, NOC technicians and other departments. I performed RF testing using an Anritsu site master, network/ spectrum analyzer also using an external Bias -Tee. Conducted the installations and assembled the equipment. Performed routine maintenance on Nortel, Ericson equipment. Assisted with data collection and site turn up and maintenance batteries, power equipment, microwave, antennas and towers, coax cabling. Testing for faulty circuits, repair or replace equipment and components. Installations of edge radios, PA's, Rectifiers user panels, bias- tees, remic board; batteries; alarms; TX Cables RX Injector cables, LBJ's, LNA's, T1's & CAT.5

Vantage Associates - Nyack, NY Cell Site Project Manager 12/01 – 3/05

Led cross- organizational projects. Evaluated current processes, identifying improvement strategies. Communicated with foreman in their essential duties. Established and upgraded project plans. I analyzed using strategic planning on and determining the necessary resources of the structural building of the cell sites. I delegated tasks and responsibilities of team members. Collected and communicated daily reports of project plans, as per project statues. Managed records completed site audits, conducted inventory. I relayed information on site production. Assisted in building cell sites. Installed Diplexers, jumpers, connectors.

Sky Field Towers/ q Serve Communications - Mahwah, NJ Cell Site Foreman ______________ _______ 6/98-12/01

Analyzing and delegating structural tasks to build cell sites using blue prints. Determining the necessary resources to complete all projects. Prefabricated steel for the building of infrastructures and stacking of towers, mono, poles and install and assembly of coax and grounding the site, installing BTS framing. Installing the appropriate inside wire and coax cable, jumpers. Setting the azimuth of the antennas. Installing Ice Bridge.

Education & Certifications

Westchester Community College, Valhalla, NY Mechanical engineering

Anritsu Site Master Line and Antenna Sweep Certification,

Ceragon Networks Fibe Air Technical Training,

Boces, Valhalla, NY Certified Electricity 1

ComTrain Recue & competent climber certification

Ericsson AT&T training


Bechtel passport

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