● Basic knowledge of electrical theory ● Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
● Extensive training in electrical safety ● Highly competent in stressful situations
● Deep knowledge of radio frequencies

• Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program Certificate
● Authorized Climber and Rescue Certificate ● Level 1 Crane Rigging Certificate
● American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Card ● Signalperson Certificate
● OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Card ● Capstan Hoist Certificate
● Electrical & Electrical Metering Safety Certificate ● CADWELD Certificate
● Fasteners, Torque, and Tension Certificate

Education and Training
Airstreams Renewables, Inc. 2018
Renewable Energy & Communications Tower Technician Program
Accelerated training on various aspects of electrical, mechanical and technical skills required to safely troubleshoot and
service renewable energy and communication tower equipment with an emphasis on safety.
Burnsville Senior High School 2013
High School Diploma

Career History and Accomplishments
United States Marine Corps Ground Radio Transmissions Maintainer Nov. 2013 - Current
● Set up over 100 communication nets for more than 50 organizations while being under the Marine Expeditionary
Force Exercise via configuring over 20 PRC-117F’s, 15 PRC-117G’s, 35 MRC-148’s, 30 TRC-209’s, 10 WPPL-
D’s, 20 VRC-110’s, 15 PRC-152’s on DATA, HF, VHF, and UHF
● Trained Philippine Marines in basic radio frequency theory
● Received an award for saving my organization over $35,000 in radio equipment repairs by conducting immediate
repairs instead of ordering new parts for the radio systems.
● Repaired above 500 radio transmissions systems by replacing faulty cards, soldering/de-soldering electronic
components such as transistors and resistors, and conducting a complete function check of the radio system using
tools such as Fluke multimeters, Aeroflex GRMAT, Aeroflex 3515N, Ohlm meters, and Mircomin tools.
● Was in charge of conducting quality check of radio equipment before it was returned to its owner
● Instructed over 50 Marines about electrical theory and safety
● Was in charge of the safety and accountability of over 50 Marines at all times

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