Electrical Engineering

Manage and work with onsite technician’s in all aspect of work scope as needed.
Complete all internal and client required paper work, job logs, and field report.
Perform and direct technicians on how to install, wire, test and maintain all wireless cell site equipment which include but not limited to cell site cabinet set, DC power plant, AC power plant, AC circuit breakers panel, meter panel, generator and batteries.
Perform and direct technicians on civil work including concrete platforms pouring/settings, and grounding with ground ring installation.
Install, test, and maintain all electrical/electronic wiring equipment including rectifiers and power converters.
Inspect all electrical systems, equipment, and component to identify, hazards, defects and ensure compliance with codes.
Assemble all materials, hardware, and equipment needed per site for installation
Construction of battery racks, cable tray, and racking systems
Utilize hand tools, power tools and testing equipment’s
Troubleshoot all malfunction such as rectifiers, power plant, power converters and all power system component
Pulling Cable (Fiber Optic, CAT5, and CAT 6)
Terminating Data Jacks (RJ45)
Terminating Patch Panels or Punching 66 and/or 110 Blocks
Terminating Fiber Optic Cable (Fusion and Mechanical Splicing)
Installing J Hooks, Dressing Cable, Wire Management and Building Racks
Installation, commissioning, decommissioning, upgrading and testing of AC/DC power plant.
Installation of lights and lighting systems.
Installation of ALU, Ericsson, Alpha, Cisco, Huawei DWDM equipment’s
Installation of SFP/XFP DWDM cards(fiber card)
Ensures compliance with company and client guidelines including, safety, construction and installation procedure and policies on site. Holds safety/tailgate meeting before job commence each day on site.
Ensures compliance with company and government operating plans and procedures
Review all construction CD’s and document needed for successful completion of job per site.
Train technicians to ensure quality, safety and job efficiency is done all times
Provide field support for construction site walk, site supervision, equipment’s and materials delivery coordination.
Configuration, wiring, and troubleshooting of alarms on power systems.
Ensures maintenance and cleanliness on job site at all times.
Maintain, clean and keep accurate record of tools and equipment with company vehicle.
Provide work update on regular basis to the construction manager.
Take pictures of each face of job completion and final face for close out.
Prepare and complete Closeout package, Close out each job done after completion.

Lead Wireless Technician (Electrical/RF)
Westower Communications Inc.
June 2012 – February 2013 (8 months) Syracuse, NY and Allentown, PA
Supervise and train on site crew to perform scope of work safely and quality with the budget time flame.
Installation of Antenna’s, RRH, RRU, Fibers Optic Cable, LMU and GPS
Installation Ericsson DUL, Cisco DWDM with DWDM cards, and DWDM TRAYS
Performing and directing the setting of azimuth, electrical and mechanical down tilt on installed antennas
Performing and directing plumbing on installed antennas
Cabinet swap, power disconnection/connecting from and mains switch (RBS 6102 installations) for T-Mobile
Installation and troubleshooting tower and FA lights
Power system upgrade with batteries installation
Wiring of cabinet and connection of power line to power cabinet up and test for voltage
Wiring of shelter for cell site and its lighting systems.
Trenching, installation of conduit, pulling of 3/O power cable from the meter panel to the AC distributing panel.
LTE installations for T-Mobile, Alcatel, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and MetroPCS which include but not limit to connecting and weatherproofing jumpers, connectors, and feeder line.
Troubleshooting of alarms and Repairs
Sweeps and PIM Testing
Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning of Ericsson, ALU, NORTEL, SAID(DWDN equipment) and ALPHA TECHNOLOGISE Cabinet
Supervised and ensured good housekeeping at all time


Site Construction Manager/Field Supervisor                                                                           Venture Communications Inc.
February 2005 – November 2010 (5 years 10 months) Accra, Ghana                                Manage Bill of Materials and Warehousing of project materials.
Prepare bid documents, Conduct bid walks and pre-construction meetings.
Coordinate field crew schedules based on customer priority.
Database and timeline updates to track adherence to project deadlines.
Ensure quality construction standards and adherence to project plans.
Coordinate QA processes and resolution including all punch-list items.
Maintain safe work environments.
Manage safety program, compliance with regulations.
Oversee completion of closeout documentation.
Supervision on civil, electrical, and RF work.
Supervision on rigging of tower and installations.
Shelter assembling and all the electrical woks inside and outside the shelter.
Cabinet Installation and Commissioning for Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei.
Installation of BTS, BBS, and BBS extension with battery terminations.
Installation of rectifier, RBS, AVR, ATX, DDU, RDU, ACDB, DCDB, MCB, and tower light.
3G Installation, Configuration, Integration and troubleshooting.
2G Installation, Configuration, Integration and troubleshooting.
Grounding ring installation and testing.
Generator installation, grounding, and synchronizations.
Electrical work for all telecommunication, residential, commercial and industrial.
RF works; Installation of Antenna’s, Jumper’s, Hotlines, feeder connectors.
Fiber Installation, Configuration (3G), Testing and Integration.
Sweep Testing (VSWR, Return Loss, Cable Loss, and DTF).
Micro wave installations and configuration.
Upgrading of Telecommunication Site, New Site Builds.
Site monitoring and supervised site cleaning up.
Field Technician (Site Supervisor)
Infratech Company Gh Ltd
January 2002- January 2005 (3 years) Accra, Ghana
Shelter assembling and all the electrical woks inside and outside the shelter.
2G Installation, Configuration and Integration
Mounting of BTS, BBS, and BBS extension with battery terminations.
Installation of rectifier, RBS, AVR, ATX, DDU, RDU, ACDB, DCDB, MCB, and tower light.
RF works; Antenna, Jumper, Feeder cable connections, connector’s installation and weatherproofing
RF Testing (VSWR, Cable Loss and DTF)
Micro wave installations
Site monitoring and cleaning

AOS Degree in Computer Engineering
AOS Degree in Networking Administration and Security
J-prompt Professional Institute
February 2005-October 2007 (2 years) Accra, Ghana

BS Electrical Engineering
Accra Polytechnic
September 2001- August 2005 (4 years) Accra, Ghana

Electrical (wiring, conduit installation, Lighting system, AC/DC panel installation and wiring, running of cable and installation meter panel). Generator/plant installation and commissioning.
Installation of Central Office equipment
Installing DWDM Central office applications.
Computing (Repairs, Hardware installation, software installation and implementation)
Microsoft Office (word, excel, access, power point, and outlook)
Excellent interpersonal, presentation, writing and oral communication skills
Excellent safety practice, knowledge of FCC / FAA / EPA / OSHA regulations
Experience in FCC licenses applications, filing for new FCC licenses and modification and renewal of existing licenses, filing for FAA permits.
Capstan and rigging experience, working on and around, electrical components. Understanding of cell site
Construction and technical understanding with abilities desire to succeed and learn new skills, commitment to excellence and high standards. Strong organizational skills to manage priorities and workflow, judgment with the ability to make timely and sound decisions.
Re-bar tiring, and concrete works

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