- Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics U.S Equivalent GPA: 3.5 ---- 2010
(Federal degree awarding institution)
- Intermediate in Pre-Engineering U.S Equivalent GPA: 3.0 ---- 2005
Army Public Degree College Multan Cantt
- Matriculation in Science U.S Equivalent GPA: 3.5 ---- 2002
F.G Boys Public School Multan Cantt

- CCNA Certification (Routing & Switching)# CSCO12847289
IP Data Network, LAN Switching, IP Addressing IPV4/IPV6, IP Routing, IP Services, Network Device
 Security, Troubleshooting and WAN Technologies
- MCSE preparation and Workshop skills(Installation, Configuring and Administration)
Terminal Server, Domain Controller, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, Hyper-V,IIS,DFS,Backup,DFS,Directory
 Services Restore,ADLTS,IP-Sec, File Server,Print Server,FTP/SMTP
 - PLC From Skill Development Council#48437
- Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, 7, office 2010 ,2012 and Server 2012 Operating System
Mobilink Hero Award- Reinstalled transmission system and restored network during crisis

Accomplished and diligent (Telecom & Network) Engineer with adept to respond economically, effectively and
immediately to emergencies and other irregular situations. Proficient at working self-sufficiently with little to no
supervision or as a part of a professional engineering team with a dependable project completion record to support it.
Highly skilled at coordination and integration of communications with other facility engineering systems.


Mobilink (Ericsson & ZTE) BSS & Transmission Engineer Apr. 2015 to Sep. 2016
Worked and Support Level-2 (back office) teams to resolve integration issues of Ericsson BSC’s, TN’s and SPO’s:
- Analyzed and improved 3G and 4G Ericsson, ZTE software’s usage and completed E2E fault rectification by
utilizing Ericsson OMT, Mini-Link Craft & ZTE LMT tools, License Key Ordering, LTE Retunes (expansions
to 10x10, 15x15), LTE MME activities and adds, LTE TAC Updates, LTE MOCN Support, GSM Site
 Rehomes, GSM/ Retunes, GSM / UMTS / LTE Parameter Changes / New Features
- Optimized, analyzed and improved GSM networks, performed antenna pattern measurements and participated
 in mobile field testing in top cellular markets as part of carrier acceptance processes for Ericsson.
- Performed Microwave backhaul network designs for major Carrier’s and ISP’s in markets nationwide using
SDH,XPIC, Space diversity,(1+0,1+1) commissioning, configuration, VLAN, SNCP Creation, Cross
 Connections additions(E1), BFTP directory creation, SW up-gradations, Sync for TN’s backup and restoration
 - Provided SLM support on NMS SOEM and IPTNMS for alarms extraction and setting their priorities
- Implemented DUW commissioning with detailed HC by using compatible software’s like Putty, Total
 Commander, Network Element Manager and Moshell
 - Provided expertise support on Ericsson 14G BSC and RNC troubleshooting, Card addition and replacement
- Analyzed and managed RF KPI’s, monitored CSSR, DCR, HSSR uplink and downlink cases rectification and
drive test for better network quality and output of data

Ericsson (Mobilink Swap, O&M) BSS & Transmission Support Engineer Nov. 2013 to Mar. 2015
In assigned (C-3) region also support back-office teams to resolve integration issues of Ericsson BSC’s, TN’s & SPO’s:
- Worked on and highly skilled in Ericsson RBS 6000 Series (R6101,6102,6201, 6301 and Micro Bts)
 - UMTS Node-B Rehomes, UMTS RNC Adds, UMTS Retunes UMTS New Node-B Scripting and Integration
- Worked on and highly skilled in transmission links (CN210,2P,6P and 20P), resolved all types of configuration,
 commissioning, SW up-gradation, XPIC Ring configuration and SNCP creation
- Designed network for link and network reliability using diverse and alternative routing.
- Worked on Daily Worst Cell to improve the KPIs.Escalation of HW issues to concern for rectification.Monitor
the rehoming , Re-parenting activity ,LAC activities.Perform the Parameters discrepancies audit ,Nbr audit to
improve the HSR,DCR,CSSR.Statistical analysis of BSC and Cell level statistics using hourly/daily/weekly
customized reports of Business Objects (BO).
- Worked on Radio Network Optimization (RNO) like MRR, NCS, FAS for improving network KPIs.Live
parameters checking on Win Fiol. Deciding Antenna central Heights, Antenna Orientation, Effective Tilts, type
 of Antennas, and for cell-sites according to clutter specifications.
- Provided expertise support on Emerson and Delta Rectifier all rectify all type of commissioning, fault and files
 up-gradation
- Provided expertise support in 2G and 3G Bss Software’s like Putty, Total Commander, Network Element
Manager and Moshell

Telenor Project (ZTE SDR & Nokia Siemens) BSS and Transmission Team Lead Jun. 2011 to Oct. 2013
Worked as a AM Telco in Celeros Networks & Eespak on Telenor MS project in Punjab:
- Provided expertise support on ZTE SDR, RRU,RSU BTS,NOKIA FLEXI EDGE,NOKIA ULTRA Site BTS
and other software’s

- Worked on Nokia Flexi BSC 300i and provided expertise support to SLM engineer to troubleshoot the critical
issues within agreed Service Level Agreement
- Provided expertise support in commissioning, integrating the PDH Link, NEO, ipasolink i200, i400, i1000
 (SRAL_XD) of Siemens Txn card and SDH Link of NEC transmission unit up to 48 E1
- Provided expertise support to integrate and troubleshoot ZTE Rectifiers W3101, Delta, Eltek, Power one with
 complete installation and rectification procedures
- Worked on remote desktop terminals to manage the network, maintain updates, analyze, and fix any issues by
 using Netnuman, Nokia Net Act and HIT Software’s
- Efficiently ensured reporting of NOR, KPI issues, daily cell levels & TCH availability stats, quality issues, KPI
Compliance within agreed SLA, answered customer queries and handled complaints

Wajdacom international (Nokia Swap, Rollout and Expansions) Field Engineer Sep. 2010 to May 2011
Worked as a Bss & Transmission Field Engineer in Wajdacom international (Pvt) Ltd in Lahore:
- Supervised the complete installation of new site with adherence to TSSR. Commissioned and installed
transmission equipment using NOKIA Ultra and NOKIA Flexi site BTS, NOKIA FLEXI EDGE and ULTRA
- After integration, monitored the transmission network, trouble-shot and resolved radio faults and alarms, tested
 for Bit errors, and noted data on log file in the OMC for record keeping/reference
- Supervised the installation of Microwave Antenna following the link budget and commissioning of the indoor
 units (FXC RRI, FIU19, FIFA and FIPA)
 - Coordinated with CM (Configuration Management) for data base creation of swap & expansion sites & cells
- Performed SWEEP TEST/VSWR using BIRD site master implemented TRX POWER TEST and EDGE feature
 - Performed link shifting between two RRI’s to FIU on different sites in complex configurations
- Resolved problems like path loss calculations, channel failure, call drop, poor TCH rectification, as well as
administered Performance Acceptance Test (ATP) of new sites

Nokia Siemens Networks (O&M) Trainee Engineer Jul. 2010 to Sep. 2010
Worked as a trainee engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks (O&M) and developed comprehensive insight on
using FLEXI EDGE BTS SYSTEM. Also worked in the transmission department on DWDM

Pakistan Telecommunications limited (PTCL) Internee Feb. 2009 to Mar.2009
8 week internship training in SDH, PDH, Fiber Optics System and NMS Hall

- DC Motor Control (speed,current,voltage) using PID Controller with FPGA 

 - Control of Temperature, Pressure and Level using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
 - Signal Control using 555 Timer
- AM Receiver

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