Languages: Spanish - Speak / Read / Write

Patchogue-Medford High School Medford, NY 11763
High School Diploma: Heritage High School

Lead Electrician/Mechanic, Manhattan NYC 2017 – Present
Currently working as a lead electrician / mechanic in various locations throughout Manhattan.

Lead Electrician/Mechanic
Performed my duties as a lead electrician/mechanic in various locations throughout Manhattan.
Low-voltage wiring and piping within the building to and from HVAC units for network communications.
High voltage wire runs from sub-basement CON-ED main splice rooms to roof tops to feed power to water cooling units.

VUE ELECTRIC, Long Island, NY 2010 – 2011
Electrician/Jr Mechanic
Worked as an Electrician/Jr Mechanic, nearly Journeymen Status
Proficient in Roughing High End Residential Homes Landscape low-voltage lighting

Self Employed/Sub-Contractor 2001 – 2010
Also worked with and as an Electricians Helper
Approx. two years of subbing with HLD then started installing satellite systems.
Knowledge of Dish Network Satellite System Installation and troubleshooting of satellite systems, telephone lines, coax runs, computer networking systems (CAT5) in various locations throughout Long Island

Electrical Apprentice
I have worked as an Electrical Assistant.
I was an employee of this company for over 2 years.

Electrical Apprentice
Worked at Kennedy International Airport with the Malzer Lighting System, which guides airplanes onto the runways for the Air Traffic Control Center.
Also at various sites as per job requirements and other units in the field
I was an employee of this company for approximately 2 years.

Laborer Helper Soil Technician
Digging Trenches, locating existing utilities, worked with Owner/Operator, as an apprentice on heavy machinery for clearing and digging new lots, installation of new home developments.
Experience on a back hoe, bobcat and an excavator.

DIEBOLD INC. 1990 - 2001
Customer Service Engineer
Experienced in all aspects of alarm installation, knowledge on all phases of ATM installations, installed walk-ups, drive ups and Teller Assist Units.
Worked with Synergistics Card Assess Systems, GYYR VCRs, 24hr Camera Systems & VAT Systems. Knowledgeable in network communications protocol (TCP IP, SXA, SNA/SDLC, 3271 Bisync, Visa2 dialup).
Also a part of the Eastern Installation team which grossed $650K year to date, with assessments of one million better than planned.
Single-handedly worked with major accounts (Doral Bank, AT&T, Chase Bank, EAB, Travelex and all Credit Unions) and worked with major Networks including NYCE, EDS, ACS and MAC.
To further my Alarm and ATM background, I attended the following classes throughout my career for the security company I currently worked for:

ATM: Covered MDS 1000 and ABC School (Advanced, Basic and Central Terminal Processors)
Datacom: Entails the troubleshooting and Decryptions of network downloads
Card Access: Covered ACS4 (Matrix Card Access Systems) and Syngergistics
Alarm: Radionics, MTS and Presider Security Systems (which is used at Chase Banks)
Software: Windows 95, 98, 2000 Professional, Millennium Edition, XP, OS/2Warp 4.0
Windows 7 and 8 Tablet Software. Windows 10 and I am familiar with macOS High Sierra as my personal computer.

Last Resume Update July 26, 2019
Address Holtsville
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