Job Title: Tower lead

Daily task.

Completing daily JSA. Installing CDMA technology installing UMTS installing GSM technology installing LTE technology connecting fibers to the COVP. Installing radios and antennas routing and connecting hybrid cables from radios to COVP connecting routing supporting an torqueing jumpers to radios and antenna ports. Close Outs.

   Mastec- 2013


 Job responsibilities

Job Title top hand:

Daily task:

Climbing and working on communications towers for the purpose of installing, replacing, and repairing antenna systems equipment; performs tower maintenance. An close outs. Having  the basic use and care of hand tools and mechanical equipment. I know the hazards associated with tower climbing, construction equipment, and working on or near energized lines and equipment. Having  the ability to climb tall structures 200 feet or more with 50 lb. Also included daily climbing, running lines, placing RHS, mounting antennas, fly radios and run jumpers, RETs cables etc.

                                                  Experience includes:

Upgrading UMTS to LTE.
Ground Installer
Call testing , climbing, mounting antennas installing radio system modules in the FCOA cabinet, powering up SIAD 7705. .
 I also gained experienced in basic T-Mobile software.
mounting and installing the squid, etc. I also gained experience in night cutovers and AT&T software. Installing 5/g for AT&T hanging three power cables, squids, hanging fiber, antennas, three LTE antennas including three RRU's, and witch include cross reduce jumpers alpha to gamma gamma to beta beta.


Climb and rescue
RF Awareness
First aid
Gravel tech

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