Experienced in RAN integration, Expansions, BTS integration, expansion, rehoming, upgrade software, change parameter, MO handling, and Implement SW correction packages (Upgrades), and knowledgeable in ZTE.
Troubleshooting, testing, RF, Integration, preventive and corrective action
Team player with Leadership Skills, puts delivering best customer service as first priority.
Capable of working independently with minimum supervision.

Key Competencies:

Parameter tuning

Work Experience:

RF Engineer (LCC - TECHMAHINDRA) August-17, 2015 - April 31, 2016
Client: Sprint Project Multiband

-Worked on 1900/800 and 2.5 LTE performance and optimization for Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung
-Used test equipment (XCal) to collect cluster drive data in the Ft. Myers market to measure RSRP, PCI, intra/inter handovers, identify call failures and drop calls, and confirm LTE throughput speeds as requested from the local RF Lead.
-Implemented parameter changes on the Ericsson 1900/800 LTE platform as requested from the local RF Lead Engineer
-Used RF tools (Xynergy, Wincatcher, WiGuru, Map Info) to analyze performance KPI (CDR, CFR, and throughput) to improve LTE network reliability and troubleshoot customer complaint issues.

Ericsson Jan/2007 -

Ericsson is the leading telecommunication equipment provider, working with number of wireless operators in the region.

RAN BO Configuration Engineer specialization for Ericsson Equipment- April 2011-May 2015

Performed the following tasks:
Working and Troubleshooting on Customer Complains and Network KPIs degradation.
Testing (TEMS, Spectrum Analyzer)
Tracking packet and Analyze using Wireshark.
Integrations and Troubleshooting for the new Ericsson 6102 cell sites
equipped with DUL, DUW and DUG for 4G LTE, WCDMA and GSM technologies
 Script creation, SW Upgrade, License installation and LTE integration.
Checking and solving problems with RSSI, VSWR and TMA voltages on
Feeders for the new sites
Citrix Neighborhood to manage OSS and declare new sites, run Relations scripts
Use Element Manager to read and modify eNodeB and NodeB configurations
Running scripts to declare new MO´s into the site and saving CV´s
Troubleshooting on new eNodeB sites, declaring new MO´s or deleting MO´s,
Troubleshooting of the alarms and clean-up of present errors during integration.
BTS integration, expansion, rehoming, upgrade software, change parameter, MO handling, Implement SW correction packages (Upgrades)
Integration of the Ericsson DUG, DUW and DUL Integration of the Ericsson DUG, DUW and DUL
Support for Technicians on Field for the Commissioning process.
implement ZTE major, minor and immediate CRs.
troubleshooting ZTE alarms.
Support for RF Team taking care of the configuration of the RBS to
 minimize KPI´s issues configuring Powers, Loss and Delays against CIQ
Execution Radio Parameters on Network
Abis/IP Migration /Abis.Optmization Migration
S/W upgrade/LAC Splitting
Troubleshooting on complains from RF Engineer, field Engineer & Drive tester and refer to 3GPP check a problem with Multivendor.
Troubleshooting, Preventive and Corrective actions,
Features activation.
Make Audit Reports for Network to achieve Quality Assurance.
Working on RNCxxx-xxx-xxxx and evo 8200
Mentoring junior engineers.

Tools Used: WinFIOL, MOShell, Amos, OSS Network Explorer, OSS Command Explorer, OSS Command Handling, Cellular Network administration (CNA), BSM, SMO, OPS (Operations Procedure Support), O&M, Wireshark, Business Object.

Front Office Engineer & Access leader - July 09- March 2011

1'st Level Support for any Transmission problem using Mini-link Manager, ADM Manager Tools and SOM (Service over Microwave).
1'st Level Support for any problem Regarding the Network.
Familiar in using Moshell and WinFoil.
Take full responsibility for resource alarm monitoring and alarm management 24/7(2G, 3G, BSC, RNC).

Network Surveillance, operation and maintenance in cellular network in NMT 900 standard (TDMA) and GSM (900/1800), WCDMA (we are using surveillance 3G networks (WCDMA)). Responsibility & experience in monitoring, analyzing & correcting incoming alarms and service.
Fault Reporting, corresponding with field maintenance, daily, weekly fault reporting, customer service support; troubleshooting, manual backup.
Using applications of OSS for surveillance (Alarm Status Matrix and Alarm List Viewer; Command Handling Terminal (CHA); Operations Procedure Support (OPS); AXE Library Explorer (ALEX) Alarm log Browser- searching alarm history for NE or sites) and Ranos 2.1.
Experience with RBS 2000 series and RBS 3000 series.
Call out the Field Engineers with a work order, when physical intervention in the equipment is needed.
24-hour monitoring & alarm handling for all GSM network elements (2G and 3G);15 BSC(Ericsson), /voice Mail & SMS Report Handling.
Trouble Ticket Handling.
Own Outage SMS Notifications and updates with respect to critical incidents

UMTS (WCDMA) Responsibilities Included:
24-hour monitoring & alarm handling.
Network Element Manager (lock, unlock, reset of base stations).
WCDMA RAN Explorer.
Using Moshell/Amos for troubleshooting and solving problem.

Operations and Maintenance Engineer - Jan 07- June 2009

Managed a dedicated zone to Maintain and Repair any hardware and software fault in the Ericsson's equipment's in the sites of this zone (2G cabinets, 3G cabinets, transmission's Equipment) and take what a necessary action to keep KPI at 3 hours and the availability at 99.95%.

Performed the following tasks:
Level 1 maintenance for Ericsson equipment.
Manage to Perform Corrective and Preventive maintenance for GSM Network & its equipments [Power panels, rectifiers, Batteries, BSS equipment, Transmission equipment, Node B].
MW Link's installation & maintenance and software used for Ericsson
Microwave troubleshooting RSL, Bit Error Rate, ODU and IDU replacement.
Dealing with all types of TN type (2P - 6P - 20P) all types of capacity as (16 E1 - 32 E1 - 40 E1 - 48 E1-STM-1).
Installation & maintenance Ericsson BTS (RBS2116 - RBS2216) and software used.
Installation & maintenance Ericsson Node B (RBS3107 - RBS3206) and software used.
Keep the KPI for the Alarms in Network (within 3 hours).
Keep the availability of the Network within 99.95%.
Commissioning and Calibration for BTS (Ericsson).
Commissioning and Calibration for Node B (Ericsson).
Commissioning and Calibration for Mini-Link TN (Ericsson).
Commissioning and Calibration for Mini-Link HC (Ericsson).
Maintain the ADM (OMS1664) and Marconi (MDRS 155E).
VSWR Test and corrective.
Working with Acceptance Project for Traffic Node.
Resolving radio quality problems when existence of 1. -High DCR [Drop Call Rates].


Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Section-Faculty of Engineering- May 2005

Status Green Card Holder

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mahmoud-ashmawy-701554b8

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