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Electricatical Engineer / Telecom - UNIP
Training school: Telecom Technician - Electronics
College Clovis Bervilacqua - Santo Andre SP
Itil Foundation


Knowledge Tec. And Training

English, Spanish fluent conversational.
Course LTE - Ericsson

Course BTS - 3G & 2G Nokia - Siemens
Course BTS - 3G and Ericsson RBS 6000 - TRAINING center of Brazil - SJC
Course Work and Rescue at Height - Grade 6

International Experience
Supervision of installation and RF otmização sites in Chile.
Siemens BTS and Node b 3G - LTE
Supervision of deployment teams BTS and Node B Ericsson in Mexico and Argentina.

Motorola Solutions -11/13/2014

Position: Analyst Telecomunication

Negotiations alarms, Swicthes and routers, work Noc scale 24x7.

Repeater Power, Tetra, Radio Communication Link, Moto Turbo, APX 7000,GTR800, analysis and fault troblooshoting.

Mobile radio, Master Site, Quantar, Car Radio Instalation

System Tetra Communications Drive Test.

RF systems and any Communication LTE and Digital.

ASCENTY - Telecom and Data Center - 04/07/2013

TitleAnalyst Telecom

Mobile Network maintenance, SDH, Mux Routers and Cisco, 3Com, DWDM and Switches Juniper.

Maintenance of optical ring and Optical Fiber Network.

NSN - Nokia Siemens Networks - 01/04/2011 to 01/08/2012
Title: Network Operator O & M project Fortaleza EC HI (Core)
Activity exercised: operation and maintenance of mobile network
Daily routines in preventive elements: MSS, MSC, MGW and HLR
Dealings alarms and corrective BA
Electrical and mechanical Antenista Tilt, azimuth antennas, after optimization for Drive Test.

CAAD - 10/03/2010 to 15/03/2011 Technology
Title: Telecom Consultant - Project Tim Nordeste
Activity performed: Setup, acceptance, withdrawal of alarms and monitoring of radio installation ERICSSON TN
Ericsson Radio TN 2P, 6P and 20P
Service as PJ to Ericsson - EGS.

NSN - Nokia Siemens Networks - 19/09/2008 to 12/11/2009
Title: Network Operator O & M project HI SP (Core)
Activity exercised: troubleshooting alarms in the elements, backups,
Daily routines in the elements: MSS, MGW, HLR, SGSN, RNC, BSC, BGW, CGW, Firewall, CISCO 7609, to review data collection ISUP, Tellabas dealings alarm with remote assistance.
Dealings of calls by the NOC.

Gt - Technology - 18/02/2008 to 19/09/2008
Position: Telecom Technician
Activity exercised: supervision of installation of equipment in the central core Nokia HI SP, Nokia equipment, commissioning of HLR, MGW, SGSN, MSS, DX200, activation routes, tests on Cisco routers 7906.
Activities assisted with personnel of Nokia Siemens and HI.

EGS-Ericsson Manager Services 02/10/2006 to 11/02/2008-
Position: Telecom Technician
Activities performed: Supervision of installation in general, programming and integration of BTS (Ericsson equipment), enlargements, with VSWR measurement equipment BIRD AND ANRITSU, Monitoring of acceptance by the customer, extension of routes, SDH and PDH Radio Marconi, Ericsson Pas- Link and Mini-Link and Alcatel. (VIVO GSM project SPC, SPI AND CLEAR 3G).

GT - Technology - 20/02/2004 to 17/03/2006
Position: Telecom Technician
Activity exercised: Supervision of installation of RF and RFI (Radio SRAL Siemens), Optimizing and acceptance of sites, with the client configuration BTS 240 and 241
Service for Siemens (São Paulo) and Siemens projects Claro Chile and Smartcom.

Networker Telecom - 01/11/2000 to 05/02/2001
Title: Technical Drive-test
Activity Carried: drive test, data collection, filtering and plotting.
Drive test conducted with equipment Vipper.
Service to Vesper (Rio de Janeiro).

Denwabras-Recel Telecom
Position: Telecom Technician
Activity Carried: RFS system, commissioning of BTS
Services provided to Maxtel, Atl.

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