Highly motivated individual that poses excellent work ethics. Effective team player with the ability to learn quickly and adapt to changing environments, policies and procedures.


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Las Vegas,NV

Familiarity for inspection process

Read and interpret engineering drawings.

Capable of visualizing a three-dimensional shape from a two-dimensional view and understanding symbols, flag notes, and general notes.

Operate computing equipment.

Drill, ream, hone and/or countersink straight and close tolerance holes.

Use various types of hand tools and/or hand-held Tepower tools, floor-mounted power tools and precision measuring tools.

Work with others as part of a team

Make basic layouts on parts or assemblies in order to establish reference points and to check dimensions

Use tooling to create holes, pilot holes, or drill by hand (as required), per drawing or tooling instructions.

Align parts and secure in place using Clecos or tooling/hand clamps.

Check for good edge margins and alignment

Select drill bits, reamers and/or countersinking tools for pilot and full size holes.

Locate, drill pilot holes using drill motor and proper size drill bit(s).

Drill, ream, countersink full size holes in parts/assemblies, in proper sequence and to correct size using drill motor.

Set countersinking tools to proper depth as required.

Disassemble parts and deburr holes using chip chasers, deburring tools, and files to prepare for installation of fasteners.

Apply sealant, alodine, primer, adhesives, special finishes

Load and unload ovens to bond detail parts to assemblies.

Cold work holes to prepare for close tolerance fastener installation.

Install bushings into housings using arbor press and/or hydraulic puller.

Apply liquid nitrogen to facilitate installation of bushings.

Install fasteners in correct sequence per drawing, using correct tools (e.g., rivet gun and bucking bar, drill motor, power screwdriver, C-squeeze, ratchet wrench, nut runner).

Check work after completion of each operation in job and/or completed job to ensure it is complete per drawing.

Operate fork lift, crane, and other powered equipment.

Custom Specialties Group

Las Vegas, NV

The installation of custom fireplaces and fire features in unique custom homes and remodel homes in a safe timely manner. To ensure proper installation of flues, components, switches, and wires with correct clearances. Install of power vents with proper wiring, with connections to flues, and watertight seals. Trimming of fireplaces to standard or custom look desired as well as with installation and completion of fire features. Communicate with the Superintendents with any issues at hand and to ensure final look to be achieved for overall satisfaction with all parties involved.

Rolladen Rolling Shutters

Las Vegas, NV

Fabrication and assembly of materials for installation while using a set schedule for installation. Maintained knowledge of parts and functions of shutter operation. Assisting in keeping inventory of parts while maintaining a set schedule for parts to employees to accomplish the task at hand.

Repair of shutters. Use of basic hand and power tools to repair and maintain shutters to operational use. Replace motors and accessories needed for basic function. Using safe methods of wiring and re-wiring switches and power sources for operation of shutter.

Installation of shutters. Use of hand and power tools to install shutters for residential and commercial windows and doors. Using basic knowledge of electrical components and safety to use power supply for operational shutters.

Desert Boilers and Controls Inc
Las Vegas, NV

Assisted in sales of parts and accessories. Deliver and pick up parts needed for customers and job sites on a timely manner. Assisting in keeping inventory of parts while maintaining a set schedule for parts to assist customers and employees to accomplish the task at hand.

Assisting with custom fabrication for particular job sites. Welding and repair of pipe for boilers. Installing and/or repair of temporary or permanent pumps and boilers and exhaust duct. Cleaning of job and shop to maintain clean safe work environment.

Read and interpret blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to determine sequence methods of fabricating, assembling, and installing boiler products.

Welded, fabrication, assembly, installation, measuring.

MGM Mirage- City Center
Las Vegas, NV

Worked with tools and equipment, prepare and clean up construction sites. Repair and maintain equipment, tools, and machinery. Load and unload trucks, haul materials, set up scaffolding, dig holes, mix concrete and install drywall.

Assist the carpenter by performing minor tasks which include supplying or holding materials or tool, and cleaning work area and equipment.

W.C.S. Sheet Metal and Air-conditioning
Las Vegas, NV

Planned, laid out, fabricated, assembled, installed, and repaired sheet metal parts, equipment, tools and products, utilizing knowledge of working characteristics of metallic and non-metallic materials, machining and layout techniques, using hand tools, power tools, machines and equipment.

Read and interpret blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to determine sequence methods of fabricating, assembling, and installing sheet metal products.

Selected gauge and type of sheet metal, such as galvanized iron, copper, steel, or aluminum, or non-metallic material such as plastics or fiberglass, according to product specifications.

Welded, fabrication, assembly, installation, measuring. Installed air conditioning duct work.



New Horizon Computer learning Center
Excel High School

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