Nathan MurrayTelephone number:xxx-xxx-xxxxSan Antonio Texas

Previous employment:

BHI Company
Started: Sept 2012Ended: Nov 2012Job Title: Tower Hand Apprentice

SBA Communications
Started: Jan 2013 Ended: Nov 2013Job Title: Tower Hand Apprentice

GD & Aperion
Started: Jan 2014 Ended: April 2014Job Title: Top Hand
• BlueStream
Started: May 2014 Ended: Sept 2014Job Title: Top Hand

Tower Mod Experience

PDIStarted: Sept 2014Ended: Dec 2014Job title: ForemanWheelers Welding Started: Dec 2014Ended: Feb 2015Job title: Top hand
SCI Started: March 2015End: June 2016Job title: Foreman
Pinnicle Inc.Google fiber obticsStarted : August 2016Ended: January 2017Castillo Roofing & MetalStarted: January 2017Ended: December 2017Job title: Assistant foreman

Kendice Carter Telephone:xxx-xxx-xxxxRelation: Foreman SBAAaron SteeleTelephone:xxx-xxx-xxxxRelation: Supervisor BHIDavid CensorosTelephone:xxx-xxx-xxxxRelation: Supervisor

I am a very hard and dedicated worker. Going on five years experience in the telecommunications industry. I am a quick learner and very willing to further my knowledge. Know how to work Microsoft Word and as well as sunset tool. Certified threw OSHA 10hr, and CPR, First Aid, also Fork Lift certified. Worked in a tower warehouse for about 6 months as well. Understand fiber and sweep gear. I am very safety oriented while working always aware of my surroundings on or off the tower. I am always addressing and teaching my fellow co workers to be 100% tied off at all times. I have taken 3 OSHA 10 training classes that were in housed by my current employers. I am always the go to guy when it comes to safety I enjoy training green hands in proper safety procedures. Know how to do fiber optics and squid installations.

⁃ • 116 hours of tower climbing program ⁃ • Authorized Climber and Rescuer ⁃ • Blood and Pathogens in the Workplace ⁃ • Confined Spaces ⁃ • Rigging and Signal Competent Person ⁃ • CPR,AED,First Aid for Adults ⁃ • RF Awareness ⁃ • CAD Welding ⁃ • Fall Protection ⁃ • Fork lift

Last Resume Update January 30, 2018
Address San Antonio
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