Construction Manager/Foreman

¬ Studied closeout packages thoroughly to verify that all work has been documented and completed
correctly efficiently.
¬ Managed 4 crews of 4 installing new US Cellular LTE equipment which consisted of 3 antennas, 3
BIAS T's, (9) 1\2" jumpers dressed into hardlines.
¬ Upgrading sites included building antennas, BIAS T's, 1\2" jumpers cut to fit and installing connector
ends on as well as color codes before flying equipment onto tower. With total of 6 hardlines routed
down wave guide into shelter, stabbing into specified port holes and dressing in and routing to
specified locations in the shelter.
¬ Improved overall job site efficiency and productivity.
¬ Main objective was to build and install new jobs as quickly as possible, being punch free and without
sacrificing quality.
2011- 2014 WesTower Communications Jackson MS
Construction Manager
¬ Enforced safety and quality standard for all crews and sub-contractors.
¬ Evaluated overall and individual work performance to ensure quality, efficiency and completion of
jobsite objectives in timely and cost effective manner.
¬ Managed relationships between carriers and vendors to ensure equipment, material, and services were
met with required specifications.
¬ Prepared regular progress, project status and problem resolution reports regarding status of
telecommunications construction plans.
¬ Supervised and coordinated professional, technical, and non technical staff by establishing
performance, goals, objectives and priorities providing direction and feedback to ensure all assigned
tasks and projects are completed accurately and effectively.
¬ Managed 2 crews of 4 installing new antennas, radios, power trunks and fiber trunks on new site builds
and upgrades for AT&T LTE & UMTS.
¬ Upgrading sites include: Pre & post sweeps on new or existing hard lines & antennas. Installing new
hard lines, if required, TMA‘s, RET’s, jumpers, etc. Color coded, weather proofed and grounded sites
to AT&T specs.
¬ Very knowledgeable in AT&T LTE & UMTS systems. From full installations to upgrades,
troubleshooting (Tiger Team) & maintenance. Proficient in D-model, E-model and L-model Anritsu's,
CCI & PIM PRO Pim gear & JDSU and ODIN fiber testing gear.
¬ Increased overall jobsite efficiency and productivity on jobsites.


2009-2011 TCCI Raleigh NC
Foreman/Crew Lead
¬ Managed a crew of 3 installing the new Sprint Vision equipment on existing Sprint sites throughout
North and South Carolina.
¬ Duties included but not limited to: Prepping entire sites on ground which included mounting 1900,
800 radios, and antennas to mounting pipes. Installed and color coded all jumpers to antenna according
to which scenario that was to be installed. Also buss bars and all grounding had been prefabricated for tower installation. By completing all work on ground we were able to install entire Sprint site in 6
¬ Increased overall jobsite efficiency and productivity on jobsites. TCCI was considered number 1 in the
nation on Sprint Vision installs.
2008-2009 Commscope/Andrew Systems Raleigh NC
Foreman/Crew Lead
¬ Managed 2 other tower hands along with another Andrew Systems Foreman performing a wide range
of tower jobs such as: Stacking 300’ Self Support towers, installation of new AT&T fiber systems
including UMTS & LTE equipment along with installing mounting systems as well. As well as
installation of various Verizon Wireless sites from mounts to equipment down to shelter, etc.
¬ Knowledgeable in all aspects of towers & tower work.
¬ Many certifications such as: Tower Safety and Rescue, Commtrain, Qualified climber etc.

2006-2008 SBA Network Services Nashville TN
Top Hand/Foreman
¬ Managed 1 other tower hand performing RET installations and verifications as well as troubleshooting
RET system, also trouble shoot RSSI and VSWAR on UMTS cabinets and RRU’s & RRUW’s.
¬ Knowledgeable in working with Anristu sweep gear, and troubleshooting any bad sweeps from UMTS
cabinet to finding the issue on the tower whether it may be an antenna or Tma issue for AT&T.
¬ Well rounded and very knowledgeable on both sides of the tower industry including tower structure &
able to work in shelters and troubleshoot any type of problem that is pre existing or may occur while
work is being performed.
¬ Certified in Tower Safety and Rescue, Commtrain, and have 30 hour OSHA class certification.
2004-2006 JAG Resources Inc. Eagleville, TN
Site Manager/ Crew Lead
¬ Managed team of 2 tower hands performing TIA inspections (Structural Integrity Analysis) of towers,
such as inspecting for CAT 1 , 2, 3, rust, bent members, loose bolts, nested strobes, lightning rods, etc.
For Crown Castle, American Tower, SBA & Global Tower sites
¬ Also proficient in reading tower plum with transit, pulling tensions off guy wires on guy towers. Also
have extensive knowledge in tower lighting.
¬ Increased overall jobsite efficiency and productivity on jobsites.


2002-2004 White Construction Charlotte, NC
Site Manager, Lead Carpenter
¬ Managed team of 4 carpenters and successfully increased jobsite efficiency and productivity.
¬ Specialized in new construction and renovations in upscale, multi-million dollar homes.
¬ Mastered all aspects of installing interior trim such as: Multi-piece crown molding, coffer ceilings,
door/window trim out and installation, paneled walls, chair rails, base board, and complete installation
of stairways.
¬ Strong experience in installing exterior trim and framing such as: boxing and siding (various styles),
shutters, columns, decks and replacing or repairing rotten wood.
¬ SKILLS: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Laptop and Desktop hardware upgrades,
installation, repairs, Linux operation system
¬ CERTIFICATIONS: Comtrain, CPR & First Aid, Tower Safety & Rescue, OSHA 10, EME/RF
Radiation. All valid.
¬ EDUCATION: Received MSPM (Master of Science in Project Management) in 2002. Received
High School Diploma from Scotland High School 1999.

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