My objective is to challenge myself in life and gain experience in my field of interest, while continually
improving and growing professionally.

Education and Training :
Texas A&M Extension Service Bus Extrication and Rescue Oct. 1985.
Texas A&M Extension Service Fire Protection Training Division Aircraft Rescue February 1987.
Texas A&M Extension Service Fire Protection Training Division Firefighting Level II March 1988.
Texas Southmost College Graduate Emergency Medical Technician 1987.
State of Texas Dept. of Health Certification E.M.T. 6/1987 - 7/1991.
Graduate of Mercedes High School 1988.
Wackenhut Corrections Corp. Pre-Service Correctional Officer course Aug. - Sept. 1999.
Commissioned Security Officer Issued 6/22/1999 - -5/31/2017.
Texas Southmost College & Valley Trucking Driver Training School, L.L.C.
2/6/2004 Class A CDL End. TX .
Brake Inspector Certitication # 396.25 Issued 2/2004.
Hazmat Training Basics Issued 2/2004
Hazmat Certification Lone Star Propane 7/2005
State of Texas Railroad Commission LP- Gas Certification 2/2004 -- 5/2008.
Basic Life Support Provider –American Heart Association –6/15/2017 –6/16/2019.
Ranger College / Certificate of Professional Truck Driving Refresher course…. 7/15/2017
Hazardous Materials Training issued – 7/22/2017 ---7/21/2020

Driver License:
Texas DPS Commercial Driver License # 11002667 Class - A . CDL . End-TX Exp-8/31/2020
( End-T-X ) ( T = Double / triple trailer........ X = Tank vechicle . ).

Work Experience:

Texas workforce commission Unemployment Benefite:
February 8, 2017 to Present.

Favorits Healthcare Staffing;
September 3,2016 to February 7,2017. At Fort Bliss Army Artillery Base\. Dona Ana
Range. \ New Mexico USA. (( Laid off ))
Responsibilites: Unit Manger and Direct care.
Responsible for supervision of direct care staff to ensure unaccompanied minors {children } are
safe and provide a structured environment that meets the Government needs, while maintaining a
professional and acceptable boundaries at all times. Participate in daily meetings, document all
serious incidents completely, accurately, and in a timely manner. Activate emergency
management protocol when necessary to ensure the safety of the children.

Texas workforce commission Unemployment Benefite:
March 27, 2016 to September 2, 2016

( U.S. Government Federal Contract Guard PSO Reg-7 FPS-Federal Protective Service )
2005-to-March ,26 , 2016 . {Laid off }.
Southwestern Security - Brownsville, TX March 2004 - April 2007
Coastal Internationa Security - Fort, Worth, TX May 2007 - July 2008
Superior Security Service - Little Rock, AK August 2008 - February 2010
FJC Security Services Inc. - Floral Park,Ny March 2010 – August 2015
Paragon Systems Inc. Herndon,Va, September 2015—March 26, 2016 . { Laid off }
GSA Contract Guard FPS 10/2005 – March 26, 2016 . { Laid Off }

Responsibilites- Control access to federal property to assist in ensureing the safety of Federal employees
and visitors while on federal property. Control access to specific areas of facility, enforce property GSA
rules and regulations, detect and report criminal acts, stop and if possible in a safe way detain persons
engaging in criminal activities. Provide security against loss from fire or mechanical equipment failure,
respond to emergency situations involving the safety and security of the facility, act occasionally as a crowed
monitor to maintain order.

Lone Star Propane - Harlingen, TX 5/2004- 9/2005

Responsibilities- Deliver propane to resident and businesses. Help service and repair water heaters, stoves
and main propane tanks to residents. Collect money on overdue accounts from residents. Make sales for
new accounts. Daily check of freightliner bobtail truck. Keep a daily log of paid collections and issue
receipts to residents.

Rochester Armored Car Service - McAllen, TX 2001 - November 2003
Armored Car Driver and Messenger

Responsibilities - In charge of the Edinburg area (Route 4)
Transferring fedreal reserve funds from bank to bank, pick up daily deposits from various businesses. Pull
deposits from ATM machines & restock suppies as needed/Job duties include both driver and messenger
work - Daily contact with bank vault supervisors and/or managers. In various occasions drove armored
vehicle to federal reserve to San Antonio, TX with large amounts of money.

Triple D Armored Security Service - Harlingen, TX,xxx-xxx-xxxx
Armored Car Driver and Messenger

Responsibilities- Initial job duties included replenishing ATM machines, pulling out deposits and balancing
machines, restocking supplies in various locations throughout the valley. Made change orders for
customers. Which consisted of using machines to count the money, then bagging and sealing each bag.
Balancing the vault the same day. On a daily basis drove to Corpus Christi locations to drop off & picked
monies from the following day. As new contracts were accepted new systems were utilized. The new
system utilizes one employee with a high tech safe system to garner our deposits from the customer. The
system was called Cash Carrying System, which I was in charge of. On the weekind I was left in charge of
the office.

City of Weslaco - Weslaco, TX, 1993 - 1999
Laborer/Public Works

Responsibilities - Operate asphalt paving machine, backhoe, dump truck, heribicide truck, truck lift (traffic
lights), John Deere/Case tractor with mower, front end loader. Basic knowledge in welding & cutting and
use of machine in making street signs.

De La Rosa Pharmacy & Medical Equipment----Weslaco , Texasxxx-xxx-xxxx.
Driver & DME—Technician,

Responsibilities—Drive company vehicle – Deliver medication to resident throughout the valley.
Set up DME Equipment at Patient resident in a safety manner ,throughout the valley..- (
Hosp-Bed , O2-Tanks different sizes , Respiratory equipment ,Shower seat support-Bath Safety ,
Feeding supplies , Wheelchairs , walking Aids , Transfer Equipment ,Ext ). Also explain how to
used medical equipment in a safety environment. Keep up with warehouse supply up to date and
restocking. Cleaning up the store Pharmacy . everthing from sweeping to cleaning the bathroom
and throwing the trash away. And anything else they need me to do..

City of Mercedes, Mercedes, TX - 1985 - 1993
Dispatcher/Police Department = 1992 - 1993
Volunteer Firefighter 1985 - 1993

Responsibilities - Dispatching units to calls made, knowlege of two-way radio, use of computer to retrieve
criminal history and driver licesne information to officers. Inputting status for missing persons, retrieving
information pertaining to wanted individuals on national crime computer system. Oversee prisoners through
camera monitoring. Knowledge in 911 system, phone etiquette, typing, ten key calculator, taking
Responsibilites- Firefighter duties

Ambulance – Edinburg—( EMS )-- Emergency Medical Service ….
Edinburg Tx- 1987—1991 ( As Emergency Medical Technician--EMT ).

Responsibilites-Driver & Attendant as a EMT -respond to emergencies, from someone who may be having a
heart attack in there home to multi-vehicle accidents on the highway. , EMTs provide the majority of
out-of-hospital care. EMTs learn how to Give CPR /Give oxygen /Administer glucose to diabetic
patients /Help people who are having asthma attacks or allergic reactions /Extricate patients and
prepare them for transport /Administer medication / Provide advanced airway management for
patients /Resuscitate patients /Help people who have suffered trauma. Contact Hosp-on two way
radio and talk to the Emergency Dr and give information on patient .Etc……

Clerikal Skills:
Knowledge in Bus Extrication and Rescue
Knowledge in Firefighting/Aircraft Rescue
Knowledge in Emergency Medical Technician
Knowledge in Hazardous Materials
Commissioned Correctional Officer
Commissioned Security Officer
Knowledge in CPR/AED - Adult and child plus CPR - Infant
Knowlege in Standard First-Aid
Knowledge in Handcuff/Baton
Knowledge in ATM machine
Knowlege in various safes
Armored car operator
Knowlege in equipment for the new Armored Cash Carrying System (CCS)
Knowledge in Propane and equipment

References upon request

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