Operating systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003/CE/Vista/7/8, Netware, DOS, Mac OS 9-10, Palm OS
Networking: Network Management, Database Administration, Sensor Technology. Unified Communications, LAN/WAN, Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, ISDN, DNS, DSL, Wireless, PING, NETSTAT, IPCONFIG, TRACERT
Applications/Tools: MS Office, Project, Visio, Ghost, antivirus software, firewalls, Remedy, Handspring, MS Exchange, ProComm, Visual Basic.NET, BASIC
Hardware: PC/Server assembly and repair, switches, routers, hubs, Mac Hardware, Cat-5, SANS, HP Storage Works, DLT tape drives and libraries, peripherals


Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway 05/05/2014 – 08/08/2014
Engineering Department,
Signalman Electronic Technician, Salary $ 28.25 /hr.
Responsible for grade crossing warning device equipment, train control systems, inspecting, testing, and installing equipment.
Handle cabling and wire to make electrical connections under federal safety rules.
Assist in troubleshooting office/field supporting peripherals, radar components, and equipment detectors.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway 10/01/2013 – 05/05/2014 Engineering Department,
Maintenance of Way – Grade 7 Class 3 Backhoe Machine Operator, $ 26.75/hr
Responsible for preventative maintenance of dump truck and tractor machine.
Assisted crew with transportation of railroad materials, hardware and installation.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway 08/06/2012 – 10/01/2013 Engineering Department,
Maintenance of Way – Truck Driver, Salary $ 23.25 /hr.
To operate trucks in excess of 26,000 lbs. as required
Responsible for safe transportation of crew, materials, tools and equipment.
Repair track, ties and ballast of the right of way.

TsiCorp, Fort Hood, TX 2009-08/01/12
Maintenance Technician for the Directorate of Public Works, U.S. Army Garrison
Duties include the sustainment, restoration, and maintenance of Fort Hood facilities.
This position requires a person of multi-skilled abilities.

Sound Design, Temple, TX xxx-xxx-xxxx Lead Technician/Field Supervisor of home video, audio, computer networking, security systems, automation, and surveillance. Salary $10.00/hr
My duties included the installation of all systems listed above, troubleshooting errors, priority customer care, supervision of job site and employees, bill collection.
Customer satisfaction and timely completion of the assignment was top priority.

Academy Sports and Outdoors, Temple, TXxxx-xxx-xxxx
Customer Service, Salary $9.50/hr
Duties included customer service, firearms background check, inventory, and stocking shelves.
I went the extra mile to ensure that customers were finding what they were looking for.

Stratford Career Institute: PC Repair Diploma - 2011
University of Phoenix College Graduate: Associate of Arts in Information Technology, GPA 3.43 – May 2008
Central Texas College: Automotive Technician - 1999
Temple College: Business Management - 1998
Salado High School Graduate – 1997


Class A Commercial License

More than 19 years of experience.
Sound knowledge of residential construction and remodeling trades, practices, procedures, techniques, tools and equipment, materials, specifications, quality control, cost control, and safety.
Operate all types of woodworking equipment to include: table saw, radical saw, planer, jointer, drills, etc.
Proficient at the following tasks: stain-grade trim work, hang doors, drill and set door hardware, set windows, layout for stairs and common rafters, read blueprints, utilize appropriate math skills.
Excellent mathematical skills and analytical skills necessary to do material estimates.
Strong ability to organize assigned tasks, for completion alone or with help.
Install all types of floor and wall tiles.
Provide carpentry and masonry skills and techniques in the repair, construction, alteration, and maintenance of all interior and exterior components of buildings and structures.
Plan and complete projects from initial layout to final assembly or installation; and select materials and supplies required to complete carpentry and masonry assignments.
Construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood, and wallboard, using blueprints, sketches, or building plans for information pertaining to materials required and dimensions for structure of fixture to be fabricated or repaired.
Fit and install prefabricated window frames, doors, doorframes, weather stripping, interior and exterior trim, and finish hardware, such as locks, etc.
Perform concrete work, fabricate and install forms, and pour concrete for various structures and foundations.
Erect scaffolding and ladders for assembling structures; and weld metal parts to steel structural members when required.
Perform masonry tasks; provide maintenance, repairs, alterations, and construction of exterior and interior surfaces and structures built of a variety of brick, block, stone, and related masonry composites.
Repair various masonry types of permanent structures, perform repairs, tiles and brick wall, mixing plaster to make repairs; replace quarry and ceramic tiles on all surfaces.
Certified to operate bucket truck, sky-track, scissor lift, and 1/2 –to- 5 ton light-duty utility motor vehicle to transport self, materials and others to site on post.

Certificate of Completion – Army Traffic Safety Program – Accident Avoidance Course for Army Motor Vehicle Drivers – 06/29/2009
Certificate of Appreciation – United States Army Garrison, Fort Hood, Texas – Recognized for exceptional performance of duty in support of the November 10, 2009 Fort Hood Memorial Service – 12/01/2009
Certificate of Completion – AC Level 1 Awareness Training – 01/19/2010
Certificate of Training – US Army Corps of Engineers, Safety and Occupational Heath Office – Fall Arrest System Training – 12/20/2011
EV1 Track Stability Course – Continuous welded rail – 10/16/2012
Respirator fit test – 02/14/2014
2014 Maintenance of Way Operating Rules – 10/14/2014

Last Resume Update October 20, 2014
Address Salado, Texas
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