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I recently had my laptop crashed, so I do not have access to my full resume' at this time.  I started working for a friend of mine's company Advanced Telecommunications Corp.; I learned how to climb and do majority of top hand tasks such as building sites, anchoring antennas, running jumpers (fiber, coax, rets, etc), proper use of blocks and safety lines, proper support of ground cables jumpers, weather proofing, trouble shooting, tape drops and photos, etc.  I have worked with other companies such as WesTower, DSJ, and SRI.  If you need a reference from one or more of these individual companies let me know and I will have them contact you.  I apologize for the inconvenience with a proper resume, but I assure you I am nothing short of a valuable employee and I consider myself a great investment.  Most of my work history has been in the autobody industry; I painted and repaired cosmetics imperfections for 5 yrs.  The rest of my work history has been that of related work such as my employment with AFL Global a technologies company in which I installed switches and fiber optics in AT+T's main offices in and around Greensboro, NC (the Triad).  If there is more information you need from me please feel free to contact me via here or email.  Again I apologize for the absence of my resume I am currently out of work and looking to join a company ASAP.  Thanks for your time!

Last Resume Update June 4, 2014
Address Greensboro, North Carolina
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Years Experience 1


Advanced Telecommunications Corp./DSJ/WesTower
Lead Top Hand
Jun 2013 - Jun 2014

As I stated before I am currently trying to get my resume together due to my laptop crashing, but I was mostly Subbed out to WesTower and DSJ by ATC to complete sites and help with close outs. When I was working with ATC we focused mainly on Net45 site builds/upgrades/add-ons.


ECPI - School of Technology
Networking and Cloud Based Technologies
Jun 2013 - Jun 2014

I am currently on break from my school work as of right now to focus more on saving money. I have lots more to learn, one more year left!

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